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Why do people choose to stand near someone who is smoking or farting repeatedly, only to complain?

I've noticed through out my years how someone with lung cancer or odor intolerance will stand within a 5 foot distance of someone who is either smoking or has a bad stench roaring out of their buttocks from something they ate.

It's the person's Freedom of Choice to smoke, fart, burp, queef, or "Choose" to hang around to hear or smell the aftermath.

These are all examples that pertain to an individual's "personal choices", and should not be infringed upon from titty baby who "Decides" to stick around when it happens.

Bodily sounds are a part of nature, and some people demonize it, and expect another to excuse theirself for an ability or condition they were born with.

I won't be insensitive to the individuals who where brought up with strict, proselytizing parents. And although you were brought up this way, I refuse to kiss your butt.

The way you were raised has an end result of the "Poor Me" syndrome.


I find it hilarious to be aware that you "Choose" to Complain about something you Choose to stand next too.

Update 2:

And to the mothers & fathers of those who complain about kids breathing second hand smoke-- Why don't you be a "Parent" and remove your kid from the 5 foot radias of the person who'm you find offensive,

Instead of infringing upon someones right to smoke.

This country was founded on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Mythology, Pathology, Confusion, and Chaos.

Now after profiting off the material comodities, you want to get rid of it, huh?

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    AZ has this ballot issuing going on there are 2 propositions. Neither is very good. I am in a small business with unlikely contact with small children. Some of us smoke. The smoke does not blow in a persons face. but if the person can see an ashtray-there are problems. i have no idea what i am voting for. the commercials just state vote for one and not the other. i read the propositions-they are not easy to read. I stay away from people that don't shower everyday if I can.....

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    That's a very good question and you make an excellent point.

    I've wondered myself why people knowing that someone has been in the bathroom a long time will immediately go in there and proclaim that it stinks. Well, what did they expect? And why do they go in there and smell it? It reminds me of 2 dogs meeting and smelling each other's butts as a means of identification. Is that what the bathroom smellers are doing?

    And you are right about smoking. I am an exsmoker who quit because I had throat cancer. I chose not to be around smokers anymore. I would never tell them to stop for my benefit.

    I would not burp or break wind deliberately in someone's face, but on the other hand it is a natural function and it happens.

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    Some people are born "natural complainers". If someones smoke bothers me I either complain in my own mind or move away (cigars). On the other hand, I can't help but make a funny face when someone roars from the buttocks. I'm not the kind to hang around either and wait for the impending doom. My usual comment is "that sounded wet", and laugh on the inside at the comment. If I'm in a place where I can't get away, I hide my head and declare it airborne.

    Although I smoke, I always try to be courteous to the people around me. After all, it is their air too. And there is no price for that. No matter if it built this country. We weren't born with a mighty dollar in our hands looking for a pack of smokes or a bowl of chili. Show some respect for those around you. That's the best choice.

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    With any freedom comes responsibility. When I smoked, I have quit for 7 years now, I would not smoke in places that there were non-smokers, short of a bar. I do not go to bars anymore either.

    I feel that it is one thing when someone has gas, hey it happens and there is only so much control you have over that. What makes me mad is someone who is smoking and does not care about those around them! I go to my neighbors and they smoke weed. That is their home, they have that right. They will not do it outside or in my home, out of respect. Our county tolerates those who smoke weed. We even had medical weed here in this county being grown!

    Bottom is one thing when it is a body odor you can not control, it is another when it is smoke. Just passing by tobacco smoke is an irritant to my lungs and eyes, one of the reasons I finally quit. Plus it was just rude to others who do not smoke to lite up. Get over yourself. I think you are just pissed off because you do not bath, fart a lot and like to smoke. Someone must have told you off!

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  • 4 years ago

    no longer all and sundry hates the scent of smoke!! apart from as quickly as upon a time smoking replaced into seen a funky quite is in basic terms in the near previous that folk got here to appreciate relating to the undesirable outcomes of it... farting in public is undesirable manners basically like burping... can no longer study the two

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's a lot easier to avoid a smoker than it is to avoid a farter. To be fair, I've never experienced complaints regarding farts (meaning I've never complained about others -to their face- and no one's ever complained about mine- to my face)... generally speaking, whether you get caught in the "crossfire" or whether you're the one passing 'em, most folks figure it's one of life's troubles that must be endured.

    Personally, I love the smell of second-hand smoke, as it is a comfort smell for me... I grew up around it. Still, it's easier to choose to sit and stand away from smokers.

    Farters? Well, that's all of us, and we must all try to get along best we can, bowels and all.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree. Some people just like to complain. But if they can't move away you should have consideration for them if you expect the same. For example in a car or bus.

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