he was my best frend in school days,i realized lately,but my feelings were so untold to him?

he was my senior,charming personality,cute gestures,

his name was kashif,kashif rubai,unfortunately,i ve had no contact num.n nuthing to reach him,in last 4-5 yrs,im so unable to take him out of my mind

but yea i came to know from somwhere dat he completed his graduation from delhi's Zakir hussain college

that's it

plz help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok you should have went for him in high school...all you can do is try to get ahold of old friends see if they are talking to him or if they know anything about how he has been...try and you will do great I know it hurts now but all you can do is try...Please answer my questions on my guy problem...Mine is the same kinda thing and I guess now I kinda knwo the answer to it.. but you advice would help me also.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am sorry that I couldn't help you. But anyway let he see this question & answer it . "Best wishes"

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