Messenger Add keeps popping up when I log In?

I found a similar question, but it did not answer my question. Someone tried to add me to their list while I was logged off. Then, I assume, they cancelled their screen name. Now, I get a request to add them everytime I log in. They do not have a profile and the id can not be found by Yahoo. I have tried to ignore, deny and delete the ID from my list... nothing work... any help would be appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You might need to Uninstall Yahoo messenger from your computer and then reinstall it... Also when you delete them from your list make sure when it asks you if you want to delete them you also check mark the spot where it says "delete from address book too"... Good luck... if you need help uninstalling Yahoo Messenger E-mail me and I will gladly explain...

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    4 years ago

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