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how do you change your top myspace friends to no one being your top friend?

I wanted to change my myspace top friends list because there is always somebody who complains not being number 1. So I decided to make it so that no one is my top friend, but i dont know how. I know it has been done before. If you can please list the steps in order to do this without having to go to a random website i would really appreciate it.

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    turn it off in the SETTINGS page

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    regrettably, you may no longer have not have been given any precise friends, yet you may randomize them so it adjustments everytime, so in certainty no one is on your precise. a million. pass to alter precise friends 2. contained in the precise left corner, there'll be the sentence "Randomize: Your precise friends will substitute each and every time your internet site refreshes." click the container next to this 3. shop precise friends Now it truly is going to randomize your friends whenever you notice the internet site!

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  • 1 decade ago has skinny layouts. If you put one of those on, then your friendspace gets hidden.

    They also have codes to hide the friendspace.

    Hope it helps!

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