What is the price difference between a Bentley Arnage & Continental GT?

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    1 decade ago
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    Bentley Arnage 2006 price ranges from $211,000.-242,000. Whereas the Continental GT Starts at $164,990. I have driven both vehicles and they are wonderful to drive, the Arnage is a very refined vehicle, nicely appointed and can be driven everyday. The Continental GT is also a great car as it is beautifully appointed and will give you years of pleasure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they both suck, to be honest

    continental is probably 50k more than the arnage, but really, they are both horrible. dont buy them, for the love of all cars.

    the arnage is for people who cant afford a rolls royce phantom. and it only is good if you sit in the back of the car.

    the gt is for people who dont know anything about supercars. get a ferrari f430 or a lamborghini gallardo. they are all in that price range.

    the gt distrracts you too much with it's luxury and gadgets.

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