I need the schematic for the charging circuit for a 1990 BMW 325ix?

I just bought this car and knew of the problem. I had the alternator checked and it was OK. I replaced the voltage regulator because I had the alternator our of the car. A schematic would make life easier. 228,000 miles on it.


thank you for the reply.

i already have the hayes bmw 3/5 maintenence manual. the charging schematic does not match up with the relay numbers in my ix. i am still looking for a schematic.


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    Go to Auto Zone and buy a Haynes Manual for $15. It will have all of that info and then some. They are vehicle specific

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  • i believe that alt. uses chasis ground to ground alt. if ground strap not on alt (from alt. to block)chrg sys. will not charge other wise sys.is straight foward.

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  • 1 decade ago
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