In Kingdom Hearts 2, if you use 1 of the 7 orichalcum+'s in the game can you still get the Ultima Weapon?

I used a orichalcum+ in order to syenthesize save the queen, before i knew that there were only 7 in the game, so is there still a way that i can get Sora's Ultima Weapon?

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  • Jenova
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    1 decade ago
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    Ultima Weapon Recipe

    Orichalcum+ x 13

    Orichalcum x 1

    Mythril Crystal x 1

    Dense Crystal x 1

    Twilight Crystal x 1

    Serenity Crystal x 1

    Energy Crystal x 1

    that is the EXACT recipe. have those EXACT ingredients and you'll have the Ultima Weapon. also, make sure the Moogles are leveled up to use Energy items.

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