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Two root canals one tooth?

Ok so three years ago I get a root canal done and two years after the root canal I started

To feel some discomfort pain and went back to my dentist he said its infected !

So he gave me some pills the pain went away then came back a year later I went back to the same dentist he took a x-ray said I see nothing wrong look perfect .. but I think it’s a micro fracture lets pull the tooth, Well its my front tooth and I wanted a second look so I went to see another dentist .They took a x-ray also and said I see nothing wrong but however looks a little infected on top I suggest a re treat which he did this Monday. Afterward I felt little pain figured it was sore from the re treat now today awful pain so I don’t think its working.. this is messed up I spent 500 dollars already now I think hes going to want 415 dollars for something that did not work on one tooth now I think I got to see a specialist which is going to cost more money this sucks hell im lost ..

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    Root canals remove the nerve from the tooth so, if the procedure was done right, there should be no pain from that.

    Did you have the tooth filled and a crown put on it? That should always be done to the tooth afterwords to keep food, germs and bacteria out.

    If it got infected with the crown on it then, the crown was not put on right and the dentist needs to fix it free of charge or you could sue for malpractice.

    Source(s): have a mom who is a dental assistant and I had a root canal.
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    I had 3 root canals on one tooth once, it was a molar though, but still I lost the tooth. It was a nightmare for about 10 years for me until it broke apart and I had to have the remainder removed, which was about $350.00! All total, I spent about $2600.00 on a tooth that gave me nothing but pain and suffering and then I still didn't get to keep it! So I totally understand your frustration, and because as you know I lost mine, I have no good advice for you except maybe get it pulled and have a nice single tooth implant put in in it's place. Good luck with your problem, I have deep sympathy for you.

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    Root canals are about 90% successful and sometimes need to be retreated. Nobody did anything wrong. Go ahead and see an endodontist (a specialist who only does root canals) & see what they have to say.

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    You went to a wrong dentist.

    Tell the Dentist to return your money or face action( Do not tell him what action).

    See a best Dentist your tooth has a long life and daily use day & night.So money is not importent.

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    go to mexico a reputed dentist (one that went to school in the u.s) will cost you half the price,there clean and good,cheaper and you get a vacation to boot,even though youll be on anti-biotics and wont be able to be in sunlight,you can sit under a cabana and bemoan your aching tooth to all the hotties

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    for 5 i'll pull tooth out and problem solved

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    ok its pain from the cracked filling cause the the filling is cracked so the tooth is bacteria in there which is causing the pain she needs to get it refilled

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    Wow that blows!!! good luck, tooth pain is the worst!!.....

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