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can some one help?

i'm wondering if any one knows the address to the president of the united states. the town i live in is really rediculas. there are drugs in the area. and my neighbore is in to selling. we have called and turned him in. but the police act like it's no big deal. i herd the drug dealers are paying them off. they get out side and smoke there garbage in front of childern. some thing needs to be done. the police here like to set up road blocks. and pull people over on sunday morning while there on there way to church.


i also herd from the teens in this town the sheriff partys to. he's been pulled over in two other states. and drugs was found they never did any thing because he's a cop.

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    The Federal Bureau of Narcotics (no "Enforcement") no longer exists, as it was merged with the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control to become the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in 1968. That agency became what is now known as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in 1973. They will be able to help you much more than the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). Anyways, the president will not be able to help you either. If you feel that you cannot trust your local or county law enforcement officials, you can contact your state law enforcement agency, or your state attorney general's office for assistance.

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    The President will not be able to help with your situation.

    The cops do not think selling drugs is no big deal. However, knowing who the drug dealers are and proving it in court are two different things. In order to arrest and prosecute dealers, it takes money to fund the operation. Then, once the officers make the arrest, the judge sets a bond. The dealer makes the bond and sells more drugs to make enough money to pay the attorney. The judge and/or jury may or may not find him guilty. Even if he is found guilty (the DA can always offer a deal), you have the board of probation and parole to deal with.

    The officers do the best they can with the limited resources available. And, contrary to the movies, very few cops are actually on the take.

    Officers have a multitude of responsibilities, part of which is traffic control. Traffic laws are made to make the roads safe, not just to let officers write tickets. Traffic accidents are usually not accidents but actually caused by someone violating a traffic law.

    If you had to help Rescue and EMS pull a broken, bloody, lifeless teenager out of a car that straightened out a curve, you might have a different view of speeding.

    Law enforcement is a whole different world than the one you live in. Cut us a little slack, because one day you might be the one dialing 911.

    Source(s): 11 yrs law enforcement experience
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    The White House

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Washington, DC 20500.

    Phone Numbers:202-456-1111

    But what do you expect the President to do about it. It is a local matter. Call the FBI.

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    The prez won't do much. If the cops are useless, take it to the mayor of the town. You may get a lot accomplished in elections year

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    You don't want to direct this to the President, you want to direct this to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement. They should be listed in the phone directory of the nearest MAJOR city to wherever you live.

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    Call the DEA

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    Well geez, if all the teens know about this it has to be true.

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    i have to say i agree with mike

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    well tell your mommy to call atf

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