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Are guppies hardy fish, is it ok to put them in a 20 gallon 3 day cycled tank with 3 long finned danios?

Is it ok to put a small male guppy in a 3 day cycled, 20 gallon aquarium? Will he be ok, or iis he not hardy enough? Also, will he be ok with the danios?

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    Wait a week, change 20$ of the water, then add the guppies. Adding that much of a bio-load to a new tank that quickly is never a good idea. Even if they survive, they will have drastically shortened life spans.


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    Guppies are hardy fish. Temperature should be 78-80 and PH about 7.2--7-6. Live bearers like the PH higher. If you are considering breeding or keeping other guppies, the ratio 3 females to 1 male. Dani's are top swimmers(may sometimes harass guppies, you can tell if the tails become ragged looking) and guppies are mid tank-top tank swimmers. Let your tank complete the ammonia-nitrite cycle, which takes about 2 weeks, depending on how your PH is. If you live in an area with hard water, your water may become cloudy for a few days. Just leave it alone until the cycle is completed. Only feed the fish once a day, what can be consumed in 3-5 minutes, no matter what the food container says and you will have healthier fish and a cleaner tank.

    Source(s): Have been keeping fish for 34 years and selling for 11 years.
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    He will be ok, but more over - your tank is not cycled yet. If you have a way to get the Danios out of there (before you buy the Guppy) either with an already previously cycled tank, or just take them back to your LFS - here is a way to cycle you tank without having to use fish to do it. It's called a Fishless Cycle...

    Fishless Cycling

    Good luck to you

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    guppies can live through a lot. go ahead drop him in he'll be fine Danios should not bother him and cycled 3 days will be enough for the little guy.

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    i used to keep guppies together with danios, and they got along fine. guppies are pretty hardy fish, and if you introduce some females.... they will start multiplying very quickly, because their are livebearers (not egglayers), and the babies survive fairly easily.

    i would just recommend letting the tank cycle for a few more days, if its a new setup.

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    no wait two weeks atleast to many fish will hurt the bio filter

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    he should be ok you have a good sized tank~~

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    to me, i dont think so

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