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St. Johns Wart?

Anyone here successfully taken St. Johns Wart on a regulare basis? Did it make you feel any better? Help your depression? Please share. ;-)

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    I felt like it helped me when I was depressed for awhile.

    But the only thing is, it's hard to get the dosage right.

    I found that, after several weeks of taking it, I had a tendency to cry very easily, and I'd have to back off on it. I was taking 2 a day, then I'd have to switch to 1 a day.

    Then that wasn't enough, so I'd be back on 2 a day, etc.

    It was kind of frustrating, so I gave it up. But, yeah, I think it works. I have read articles that say they have "proven" it works for mild depression. Don't go off your prescription drugs for it, though. It may not be enough, for those of you who have severe depression.


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    St. Johns Wort is natures version of Prozac and should not be taken lightly. It takes 4 - 6 weeks to fully get into your system. It is a good herb for some people that don't want to use Prozac but it does have side effects. You need to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. You should not drink while taking it. If your taking birth control pills it can mess them up and you can become pregnant. If your looking for a herb that can help with everyday stress then look into taking Kava Kava. It is more like Valium. But as with anything check with your pharmacist first to make sure it won't interfere with any other medicines you may be taking.

    Source(s): Phd. in herbology
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    I frequently get depressed during the winter. Last year and the year before that I drank one cup of St John's Wort tea a day in the afternoon. It didn't seem to do much, but to be fair the package said to drink 5-6 cups a day, so I didn't really follow the directions.

    This winter I'm thinking about getting a light. They're expensive though.

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    hypericum perforatum is the botanical name. it has been used in europe mostly gernamy for depression for a very long time. the correct word is st. john's wort, with an o. it's very easy to read research papers on the drug. just type st. john's wort in your search engine and follow the links.

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    St Johns Wort didn't help me at all

    I was taking up to 1500mg daily

    I suggest to talk to a psychologist/ and psychiatrist to see if clinically depressed or situational depressed

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    If you are depressed, or need help in relaxing, it's helpful. P.S. -- it's St Johns Wort

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    Didn't do much for me. Neither did the doctors and drugs. I've posted a short story on my depression and how I got out of the rut here:

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    yeah my wife has taken it, but don't think it will happen over night.

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    workes good

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