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who thinks the cubs need to trade Kerry Wood?

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    You know the whole Kerry Wood thing is funny. The guy had a lot of potential, but because of his poor mechanics he's oft injured. This is a guy that Cubs fans keep hailing as the teams savior but he's never been a 20 game winner. Actually he's never really come close to being a 20 game winner. I think it's time to show him either the bull pen or the open road.

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    I'm a die-hard Cubs fan and I don't think we should trade Kerry Wood unless we can get someone miraculously good in return. And that's highly doubtful. He has little to no trade value at the moment because few teams, if any, have much faith in his ability to stay healthy -- and understandably so the way he's let us down the last THREE seasons.

    Now that Kerry has FINALLY realized that he's just not physically capable of being a starter, I say the Cubs sign him to an incentive-laden contract and put him in the bullpen. After all, he pitched very effectively as a reliever in 2005.

    If he pitches well in this role, we can then think about making him our closer -- but he should NOT start out as a closer because that would be too much pressure, too soon.

    I love Kerry Wood and I would love to see him back and successful in Cubbie blue. But we cannot depend on him or Mark Prior to save us anymore.

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    I'm not exactly sure how they'd go and trade a guy that they don't have under contract, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Even if he wasn't a free agent, the Cubs wouldn't get much of anything in return. Wood's best bet is to take an incentive based 1 year deal with whatever team is willing to pay him and pray that he has enough in him to make 20 starts next year. He probably won't be back with the Cubs.

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    Trade Kerry Wood? ummm... to WHOM?

    Who would trade FOR Kerry Wood at this point?

    And what would the Cubs get for him? A bag of slightly used baseballs?

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    kerry woods was good when he played but being hurt the past couple years has made cub fans want to trade him in my opinion i think they should but the down fall of trading him is they wouldnt get something good in return because he has been hurt the last couple years

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    no they shouldnt, its not like ne1 wood trade a good prospect for him. Cub fans jus pray that he and Prior play a full season. Ya might have anotha chance to blow an NLCS.

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    Once the Cubs renegotiate his rediculous bloated salary, he will be their closer in 2007 and regain his glory!

  • I Don't think that they should, because if he stays healthy and gets some defense he will be amazing. He has the potential to be a Cy Young Winner.

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    they should, the only problem is who would want him, i wouldn't. hes one of those guys who will NEVER be healthy same with prior. i would dropp them both off my team

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    ya and maybe get a minor leagurer for him

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