Why are they allowed to have a black movie awards show but can't have a white movie awards show without being

called predijudice?

and no I am no predijudice but I don't think it's right that one race can have something that would be con-sidered racist if the other race did it!


I didn't post this to get racist remarks and yes it does bother me . Why can't whites be proud of what they have accomplished without being called racist if we do!!!

Update 2:

how about Cowboy Troy

Update 3:

and blow it out yours!

Update 4:

people hooray for the blacks , I agree they have overcome great obstacles, but it would still be considered racist if we did not include other races in the rest of the awards shows, Would it not?

Update 5:

I love Cowboy Troy and I have blacks in my family, I am not a racist, all I was doing was asking a question

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    Geeeez... here we go again.

    I don't recall anyone saying there couldn't be any white award shows. And realistically speaking... its pretty damn white anyway. So, lets keep it real.

    We have our NAACP awards and stuff like that not as a way to segregate, but to celebrate what our people have done. Because unless its someone selling a CD or making a touch down, no one else would care.

    And really... does it bother you? If there were no black award shows, would your life be any different? I seriously doubt it. So, try spending your time worrying about something more worth while.

    Ok... apparently you are content with having your ignorant views. There are plenty of things that are 100% white out there, that black people have no care to be involved in, and thats fine. But a black awards show bothers you? What about the country music awards? How many black people do you see on there? As a black person, I'm telling you that I see absolutely nothing wrong with being proud and celebrating who you are, regardless to what color you are. So, shut up and do it. Why are you spending time worried about black peoples award shows. That makes YOU sound racist. At least do a little research before you start pulling theories out of your a s s.

    WoW... you found one! Good job! I bet you hated seeing that black face on there, huh!

    NO... its not racist. Racist would be if they were supporting some kind of anti-white movement. And that is not what its about. Just because someone else isn't included, does not mean that they are racially segregating themselves. It has absolutely nothing to with white people and how blacks may or may not feel about them. So, its not racist. Its not predjudice. And most of these organizations who do awards shows like this have been around for many many years, ever since blacks were not recognized for anything. So, just because the civil rights movement has passed, they should shut down to make the poor little white people feel better? Uhhh... NO. Because, as you can see with the reaction of this post, racism is still very prevalent in not only our country, but the world. And these organizations are here to help make a difference.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Will you people stop with the racist stuff. Give it a rest! What do you care, no really? Why do you care what others do?

    I remember a skit with Mork and Mindy. Robin Williams was suposed to be this guy from outter space. He one show was obcessed with hair. That lady with white hair is with a man with black hair. She explained that hair color didn't matter. But skin color matters. He looked so suprised with this goofy look and he said WHY? Why is skin color different from hair color.

    I never forgot that epsodoe because that shows how stupid it is.

    Why skin and not hair?

    In Japan or China can't remember exactly the book when I was growing up. A women's feet was all that mattered to men.

    If she had tiny feet she could be ugly as sin and all men wanted her. So parents wrapped there little girls feet until they were all deformed. Now women in China have surgury on their eyes, so they will look more European. Some places women are loved if they have big boobs. Or so skinney there ribs stick out.

    When we visited the musume I took teenage girls to show them how women use to look. To be obese was to be beautiful.

    Big was beautiful. All these paintings of obese women.

    Even the statues of women was full figured. Why can't we just accept each other and stop talking about race. Physical appearance. MOst truly beautiful people are shallow and vain.

    Not really anyone you would want to be around.

    God must like average people because he made so many of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    White's get recognized for everything! Hell, they got props for taking the Indian's land years ago. Why shouldn't blacks get more recognition? Go back to your history books and see how much African Americans have had to suffer throughout the years. Were any of your anscestors slaves? Don't think so. You should be happy for them. God loves us all, there's no discrimination there, so why should you single out blacks just because of what their awards show is called? Ours are the emmys, oscars, etc...would you rather them be called White People Awards? That doesn't even sound right.

  • 1 decade ago

    Can I just say that I am sick and tired of this issue. Its like, why do you care? Is this hurting you? We've spent years enduring a lot.. so when we decide to not complain and whine and be lazy (like so many of us are stereotyped as doing) and do our own thing we get criticized. Honestly I don't care what anyone does as long as its respectful. How we always get clumped into everyone opinions I have no idea. A lot of things are done or made in consideration of whites. Our text books, television, etc. However when we do things for ourselves (like our scholarships, Greek, TV, etc.) we get criticized? We never say that your not invited or you can't watch, you probably just choose not to. For instance there are actually a lot of whites who attend historical black colleges. And black culture as far as music and clothing is for everyone also. Also where I'm from there are tons of ethnic festivals and I go to many of them because its an open invitation.. a way ethnic groups show their pride to everyone whose interested in learning about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go look at how many mainstream minority actors and actresses there are and you'll have your answer. When there's true equality in Hollywood, there won't be a need for ethnic awards. Until then...

  • 1 decade ago

    great question. Same idea should apply to the sexes too, not just the races. If one can have it, the other can as well, or neither.

  • 1 decade ago

    You're a little late. You should read nastynunu's comment last night. It's titled "Hey White People. I Beat You To It." It explains it all.

  • Hamish
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    1 decade ago

    ? How about Miss Black America?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with with you, society is so biased, and it is the other races who want their "own" day but we cannot.

  • 1 decade ago

    how do you know it would be considered racist? oh that's right you don't know so stop being jealous. life isn't fair

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