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Who do you like on your team out of these three RB's:?

Thomas Jones

Kevin Jones

Lamont Jordan

I have Ronnie Brown, Rudy Johnson, K.Jones and Jordan now. T. Jones is available free on waivers. Looking for input. Thanks!

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    If I were you, I'd drop Jordan and pick up Thomas Jones. Jordan isn't doing jack right now and Thomas Jones has been consistent so far this year and he's in a better offense with Grossman playing well, and we all know about that defense, so pick up Thomas Jones and drop Lamont Jordan.

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    This would be my order: Rudi Johnson, Kevin Jones, Thomas Jones, Ronnie Brown, and Lamont Jordan. However, Rudi Johnson is obviously on a bye, so he's out. Ronnie and Lamont can be switched around. But I'd start those players in that order this week (Week 5).

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    First of all, how is Thomas Jones on the Waivers? He's got the 13th most rushing yards in the NFL. I would rank Rudi, Brown, Jordan, T. Jones, K. Jones.

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    I'm not a big Kevin Jones fan. he has never produced and Thomas Jones ran for over 1,000 yards last year and is having a solid year this year with Chicago doing so well offensively. Try to bust a trade to get a better receiving corp...and pick him up.

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    Thomas Jones.

    He's part of a now potent balanced offense. They have a fairly soft schedule, and he's got an offensive line. I think last week was a breakthrough.

    I hate Kevin Jones. Martz is a RB killer to those not named Marshall Faulk.

    Jordna, is, well, a Raider. He's a safe flex play, and a great play this week, but teams like Denver and San Diego are going to beat him down.

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    you have a solid core of rb's and jones is available pick him up and see if you could make a trade with your other rb's like brown or jordan while he's still hot to upgrade.

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    You really dont need him you are ok at RB, unless you may be planning a trade and want some more trade bait. I would use the spot for depth at another position.....even more so with all the bye weeks coming upon us.

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    Ask your start, sit, trade and add drop questions here:


    These guys are awesome.

    Good luck.

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