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any suggestions on colors for family portraits?

we are having family portraits made for parents 40th wedding anniversary and there are 19 people in our group ... any colors of clothing for suggestions so that we all don't blend in or some stick out like sore thumbs? We are looking at all of us wearing fall colors ..... and maybe each family pick a color and their family wear that one color! Help ... anyone!!!!

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    Darker colors always look the best. We did a navy blue one year with kahki pants and it looked really good. We did it outside and the photographer positioned us so we were facing the sun so the pictures would turn out. Guys wore a blue buttoned up shirt and tucked in there shirts and girls wore a light sweater. It turned out really nice. Then one year we did a dark red shirt with black pants or skirts. Guys wore a red buttoned up shirt and black pants and girls wore a light sweater with a black skirt. The pictures all turned out really nice. If you use light colors then your faces will look washed out. We never used them in big group pictures but I have used them in small groups. I hope this helps a little bit. I think that is a great idea for a anniversary gift!!! Is it possible for the photographer to get you a CD of the photos if so then afterwards for a gift to them from you personally (or a Christmas gift) you could put them online (A great website I use is the prices are really great!) and you could get them lots of great things from the photos. Like a pillow, or a blanket, or a puzzle with your favorite photo of the two of them (if your getting those done too) or you could use a group photo. Just an extra idea!!

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    As a former photographer (I'm a teacher now) group photos always turned out good if everyone wore combinations of white and khaki... trust me it looks really sharp. Black and white are just too severe for my taste...but then I'm a fan of casual shots. If it was my family I think I would do white and khaki for all of the adults and light pink with khaki and light blue with khaki for the children. If you tell everyone to wear fall colours you are taking a serious risk and everyone's opinion of fall colours can be different and you could end up with something that is a total mish-mash. I also think it's important to discuss weather or not you are dressing casually or if you are dressing up. It'll look goofy if you wear cargo pants and a t-shirt and your great aunt is wearing a sparkley dress! Whatever you decide...good luck to you!

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    Fall colors may not be bad for it but avoid having each family do one color. I would suggest talking to the photographer that will be taking the pictures, they can generally tell you what colors will look best in their lighting. Usually it is better to go with deeper colors though as the light colors combined with bright photography lights often make people look "washed out". Good Luck and GREAT idea for the anniversary gift!

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    first off, where are you taking the pics? If it is at the beach, I would have everyone wear white shirts and khaki pants. I have seen pics where the different families where the same color and it is really cute. Blue, red, green, yellow, all look good together. Or just tell everyone to wear blue, and shade. That looks really good and most people like the color blue on them. Good luck

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    When deciding what to wear, make sure that your colors blend in with each other, such as different shades of one color or a light color with a dark color. Be sure to coordinate your colors so that they do not clash. Avoid wearing something too bright or with busy patterns (including white). Lastly, make sure that you wear something comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable, then you will not look comfortable. Typically, women wear pants with a sweater or shirt and men wear khaki pants with a buttoned shirt.

    Your choice for clothing may also depend on the setting and your own personal preferences. You may want more formal clothing for pictures inside but more of a dressy casual for pictures outdoors. Or you may prefer jeans over pants since you will be dressed up for the wedding. Your choice also depends on your own personalities. For example, if you wear jeans and are comfortable in them, you may prefer to wear them for your pictures. If you still cannot decide, bring several outfits with you to your session and let your photographer choose the pair that looks best on you.

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    sounds like you have a good idea with the family fall colors. I would suggest staying away from white because it can wash out the faces and black can sometimes have the opposite affect. stay in warm neutral earth tones like greens, tans, khakis, oranges maybe? it's also good to look at different photographer's websites to get ideas from their pictures. good luck and have fun!

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    Go with jeans and different color shirts casual or formal. All the girls wear jeans skirts and boy wear jeans. Everyone puts on their Sunday best. Just pick something that reflects the lifestyle of your family.

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    I am a photographer and I always think that group prortraits look better with everyone wearing the same tone of colours e.g

    black n white or black or white top with a beige or tan bottom

    that works pretty well.

  • Dress some in your moms favorite color,and some in your dads,since it is THEIR wedding anniversary.

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    Gosh, don't make it complicated. Just have everyone wear their Sunday best.

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