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Is JJ Redick the white Kobe?

- both are hated by the majority of people

- both are considered cocky and arrogant

- both couldn't play for Team USA due to injuries

- both got in trouble with the law after having squeaky clean images (Redick's marijuana incident doesn't count)

- both arguably take a lot of bad shots

- when Redick was in college he was the best player and Kobe was the best player in the NBA

- both were taken mid first round

- Kobe is number 24, Redick is number 7, 24/7 (yin and yang??)

- both get a ton of publicity

- Kobe is Jordan's successor, and their jersey numbers are one number apart (24 and 23); JJ is Kobe's successor and his jersey number (7) is one number apart from Kobe's former jersey number (8)

- they are my two favorite players

That's some pretty damning evidence if you ask me. I think it's no question JJ is the white KB.


Oh yeah and both were McDonalds All Americans and Kobe has verbally stated he would have gone to Duke if he didn't go pro out of HS.

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    Hey! I just thought of something. Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room at the same time? Maybe JJ Redick, IS Kobe, just in a white suit. You know, kinda like, Michael Jackson, when he wears the Janet suit.

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    Those are some cool comparisons between them, but Redick is not a white Kobe. Maybe a white Ray Allen. Sorry man, but Redick is nothing like Kobe play wise. Redick relies on his shot and has some poor defense. Redick is not going to be a dominant player. Kobe, on the other hand, is probably the most dominant player. He can take over games and doesn't need to rely on his shot and he plays good defense. They're exactly opposite in their game and play. But you made some cool comparisons that I never thought of.

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    those are some cool comparisons between them, yet Redick isn't a white Kobe. perhaps a white Ray Allen. Sorry guy, yet Redick isn't something like Kobe play clever. Redick relies upon upon his shot and has some poor protection. Redick can't be a dominant participant. Kobe, on the different hand, is likely considered one of the main dominant participant. He can take over video games and does not could positioned self belief in his shot and he performs solid protection. they are precisely opposite of their recreation and play. yet you made some cool comparisons that I never seen.

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    No, not as an athlete, JJ is alright, but he is too small, and does not have the athleticism that Kobe. People hate them fine, and some other coincidences. Kobe did not play in college and Redick was not the best player in college.

    Good luck with that.

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    Not even close. You are way off. Redick hasnt even started to play in the NBA, Kobe has already dominated. All that other stuff, you can just throw out the window. Plus Redick was never the best player in college, he was the best shooter. Big difference pal. I can't remember the last time I heard about J.J., maybe when they lost to LSU.

  • Tony M
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    1 decade ago

    There's just one problem. Kobe is an All-Star. I don't think that five years from now, we'll be talking about Redick in the same way!

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    Their only comparison is that they both play in the NBA. JJ is strictly a jump shooter who will find it difficult to score off the dribble in the NBA. That being said he will find it tough to get the open "J's" he got in college, at best a role player in the NBA. So their is no real comparison between them as players. Personally, I do not like either of them.

  • Zee
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    Sorry, while Redick was an admirable and gutsy college player he will likely be a career bench player or border-line starter.

  • Anonymous
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    seems full of crap/ JJ is a prick and cant make a lay up with pressure on. he can shoot. but who can he guard in the NBA. he couldnt guard college players..

    kobe averaged less then 1 block a game. no defense.,

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    to keep it short. YES. But, i wouldnt necessarily call Redik Kobe's successor. he still has a few more years in him. And i think the majority hates Kobe, and not JJ

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