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Who here thought the character "Webster" was the most egregious racial stereotype in history?

Mr.Johnson knows his mass media racial stereotypes, believe

me.......from Buckwheat and his stached fro and bulging eyes,

to Jack benny's "Rochester"(Yes'm boss......anything you say,

boss), to JJ WALKER in Good Times, who was essentially Stephen Fetchit in modern garb(really tacky 70's ugly modern garb, Mr. Johnson might add!)

We have had no shortage of racist movie and tv characters....

however, the worst one really takes the cake...I'm talkin' bout

this little 4 foot wonder....

Now, how in the h e l l did something so egregiously racist

get on the air for a pilot, let alone the 7 years the show aired?

What we have here is an emascalated blackness, shrunk

in size and given the appearance of a cuddly plush animal.

He has the helplessness of an infant, and is completely



If it wasn't for his two "masters", he would prob die of exposure....he exibits all the qualities of the slave popular before the civil

rights movement....childlike, happy 24/7,

helpless, indolent, simple, without guile

or resentment toward his oppressors, actually more like a love for his oppressors,

as if he couldn't live without them...It is a vision of the ***** as a kind of pet, a figure of sweet and harmless inferiority to whom one gives the largesse of one's superiority.

How did this egregiuosly racist show last

7 years without a peep of complaints

from the NAACP?

Was the fact that he hung with Micheal Jackson a cover of sorts for this insult

to the Black race?

Update 2:

thanks, naj.....

Update 3:

BTW, I remember one webster episode

where Emmanuel Lewis actually raised

his hands up like babies do to cue someone to pick them up, after which Alex

Carras lovingly picked him up.....remember that strange fact that people used to walk around with webster like a baby, including MJ, who held him like a child at the academy awards? I think Emmanuel Lewis was 16 at the is what he looks

like now(the cat still looks about 19)

Wanna hear something that will make us

ALL feel old? Emmanuel Lewis is 35

now, man! I wish i didn't just find that out!

Update 4:

crude oil, I forgot about Coleman, but at least he could talk smack, "What you talkin' bout, Willis"?......He had a bit of the militant in him, and was always trying to escape his "Massah", and Willis was like the overseer to keep an eye on him for "Massah".....Kimberly was massah's

daughter, the porcelain white(and eveidently herion-injecting, as we later found out)untouchable, only to be lusted

at from a distance.....and Conrad Bain as

"Massah" was as much of a benevolent

patrician master figure as anything south

of the mason-dixon line pre-civil war......

DS was just as bad, though the mini-black

that was Arnold at least was a slave with an attitude...not like the braindead webster..

Update 5:

I knew I'd get the inevitable "its just a tv show", it was much more than that, my was the most embaressingly racist show ever put on network tv, and I'm including "Beulah".

Here is a link to "Beulah"

Beulah was essentially a slave under the guise of a housekeeper that verified every white stereotype of the servile, mumblin',

happy 24/7, hehehehehe black woman

of the time, who was obligatoryily rotund with the obligatory pan must

click on this link, and remember, this

actually appeared on network TV

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    good point Mr. Johnson....i never thought about it like that.....I was a kid when that show was out.......very good point.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Webster Tv Character

  • 4 years ago

    jointly as authentic or no longer, it form of feels to offer a man or woman or group of persons to be indignant because of the fact they're labeled, no longer by using what they're doing - as an occasion eating watermelon and fowl, yet as a results of grouping as a race. It has a tendency to do away with their individuality and that i've got discovered maximum do unlike that. Even your question has that form - do you're able to be Caucasian to think of blacks like that stuff? i've got faith it is threat free if we are in a position to all enable flow and basically chuckle at ourselves, in spite of the undeniable fact that it takes a definite volume of adulthood and open mindness to work out how others see you, or the race you belong to. yet this could lead on directly to thrilling conversations... do Koreans have a similar stereotypes (frequently) approximately chinese language that Caucasians have approximately chinese language? all of them comprehend Kung-fu precise? or perhaps area - rednecks in the south? heavily, no offense meant.

  • mike c
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    1 decade ago

    lighten up

    It was just a TV show, designed to sell commercial time

    Emmanuel Lewis got PAID

    hell Steve Erkle gets paid

    Not every show with black on TV is gonna be Roots

    White people have accepted black people as equals, basically judge all people by the content of their character

    Wouldn't it be amazing if black people could look at other black people, and just accept them also on the content of their character

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  • 1 decade ago

    I liked the Webster Show

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I never watched it. It looked stupid. Why was the miniblack popular in hollywood for a while. Gary Coleman was very popular too.

    At least Rochester was funny.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, black men aren't usually that short or ugly !

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    i like Webster. but have to agree with you a lot of stereotype and racism

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