Ever been to Qatar (Doha)? I need details?

I need details about living in Qatar particularly with respect to food. I am a Jain guy so completely vegetarian. I need to know, do we get vegetarian stuff in Qatar. Can a vegetarian survive out there comfortably? Any precaution I need to take before going there?

I am going there for say about a months time. If you have any details about Doha city that you can share with me would be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance


Any referrals to people who have already been there will also do...

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    Yes you can survive heartily, surprising best hospitals in Doha do not cater vegetarian meals for patients.

    Meat is consumed in tons, you have to put your chef's cap and cook your own delicacies. Learn how to make dals, and how to make Alu Ghobi atleast

    You will be surprised to see vegetables of the world which you will never find in India, Fresh from Thai, Bangladesh, Pakistan (now its time for Sarson ka saag) vegetables are flown direct from Kerala as well. All the Mexican, European organic stuff as well. Lulu hypermarket, Family food centre, Giant stores, plenty of

    fresh stuff all over.

    Garden restaurant is catering all vegetarian dishes, plus punjabi style is served in Maharaja restaurant, chinese food is also served in places like Star of India

    Then you have delicious pies known as Fatayers they are

    of cheese, spinach, and many other varieties.

    Hummus is one famous breakfast meal (chick peas and sesame seeds paste) Falafil , Fool (kidney beans) is also very famous and cheap.

    Since you get all the herbs dry or fresh you can make your own pasta.

    Paneer is easily available, Curds in different flavours not available in India yet , fresh cream, olives, pickels, juices

    You have a better choice for breakfast then in India.

    Bombay Chowpathi for pani puris, bhel puris

    You will find people just shop for food and food......as if their only concern is to EAT.

    Mangoes are still availabe, can you imagine that, and so are water melons

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  • 1 decade ago

    I live in Doha, and it is not the dream city for a vegetarian to live (though it's great city!) in because you can't find very many vegetarian food items there. A vegetarian can survive out here very comfortably if you know where to buy certain items, like Egg-Beaters. I suggested you get used to eating not so fresh vegetables, that's mostly what we have here in Doha, since everything is shipped in.

    Doha is a fabulous city, it's a great experience of culture and life. It's really advancing and it's an amazing place to live!

    Source(s): Living in Doha for a year
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    1 decade ago

    in QATAR there are lot of non-veg ratsurants.SO u make necessary arrangements for your tour and this information is provided by my friend who has stayed there for 5 years

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  • 3 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    I went skiing there but the people were not very nice.

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