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波音747是一種350人座以上的長程越洲型客機,全長70.66公尺、翼展64.31公尺的巨無霸,它的4具普惠(Pratt & Whittney)JT-9D型渦輪扇發動機每一具可提供4萬7仟6佰磅的推力(水注射),最大起飛重量達37萬7仟磅(400型)。







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    Boeing 747 is a long range passenger jet that is capible of seating 350 passengers. It's four Pratt & Whittney JT-9D turbo fan jet produces 40,760 pounds of thrust each, with the maximum take off weight of 377,000 pounsa (-400 series) Boeing 747 is the world only double deck's aircraft, so that it becomes the distinguish mark for many people to identify with. With this kind of design with its enormous size, Boeing 747 is the world's largest commerical airliner, up to today, the only left in the production is the -400 series.The new Boeing 747-400 with the most advanced cockpit managing system, so all it needs is crew of two. With the new design of the wings, not only it is stronger, but also less in weight, so the new Boeing 747-400 do not need to take out the passenger counts to achieve the same range as the previous Boeing 747 SP; with three types to choose from: The all passenger, the combi, and the freighter. What is different from the freighter to other two is the upper deck, it just looks like the previous -200 type. When to identify the 747-400 types (Except for SR series) is easy, the winglets on the wings are also its trade-mark. What it does is it will isolate the down-wash , due to the pressure is high under the wings (is commonly known as the lift) will leak out from the wing tip and produces down-wash, it will make less lift and winglets are made to provent this down-wash.   This time we are introducing the 52 system of the 747-400; it incluses power plant; landing gear; hydrlic; electricial; and fuel, etc. It will be introduced with greater details.

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    Boeing 747 is above one kind of 350 human of place long distance Vietnamese continent passenger plane, the span 70.66 meter, the wingspan 64.31 meters does not have the tyrant greatly, its 4 Pratt and Whitney (Pratt & Whittney) JT-9D turbine wheel fan engine each may provide 47,600 pounds thrust forces (water injection), the maximum total weight amounts to 377,000 pounds (400).

    747 at present are in the world only use double-decked carry passengers the deck airplane, because this also enable 747 to become the type which most people can recognize. But because this kind of design is adding on the huge size again, 747 has been published since 1969 always is in the world the largest-scale passenger plane. At present, but also only is left over in the production 747-400 molding machine.

    New 747-400, because uses the advanced cabin management system management system, therefore only must take 2 flight crews then. Is reborn 400 because of redesign wing, not only firmer, the weight is also lighter. Therefore 747-400 does not have to sacrifice carries passengers the number then to achieve with the SP same range. Altogether promotes the passenger transportation, half passengers and cargo and the entire goods altogether 3 kinds, it is noteworthy that, the entire goods upper formation cabin is short, is likely 200F.

    Wants to identify 747-400 entire type (the SR exception) very simple, on the main plane wing tip sail is the registered trademark. Its main function is a downwash flow which separates 絕 produces. Because under the wing the pressure high gas (also is lifting force) meets the part to form the downwash flow from the wing tip overflow, this can create the lifting force the loss, but the wing tip sail disposition is precisely in the impediment downwash flow overflow.

    This introduction 747-400 system altogether divides into 52 systems, the embody engine system, the landing gear system,

    the hydraulic system, the electrical power system, the fuel oil system…And so on all has the detailed introduction.

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