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最好是有 中文翻譯在喔...謝謝大家




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就是英文和中文 都有



似於啤酒廣告公司 .撥出了一部電視廣告..他也提供網路下載..或網路播放..來提高曝光率..以前廣告指居限於電視..現在已發展到.網際網路... 大概是找這類型的文章..

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    Internet And TV Changing Advertising

    (出版來源: Television Digest with Consumer Electronics, Dec 7, 1998 )

    As Internet and TV converge, content and advertising on both media need to be rethought, cable and broadcast executives said at Western Cable Show. Forming distinct look that isn't just duplication of one medium on other is "creative problem... that we need the best minds in the industry to work on," Oxygen Media Chmn. Geraldine Laybourne said. Cox CEO James Robbins said: "Internet advertising is happening [and will happen] in ways we haven't thought of."

    Internet allows more intelligent discourse in advertising that may prove more profitable for merchants, Laybourne said: "People are sick of being shouted at... They actually like being sold [items] when they get information." TCI Chmn. John Malone said industry may move to pay-per-purchase ad buy format, with payment based directly on results rather than "speculation." With so much uncertainty still surrounding economics of Internet, he said, "you try to be on both platforms [and] hedge every bet."

    In becoming mass medium, Internet is becoming more like TV, NBC Entertainment Pres. Scott Sassa said. Leading Web sites now are driven by brand names, he said, saying that's good for broadcasters, which have powerful brands that give them head start in attracting mass audience. Sassa played down market potential of video-on-demand (VoD) at show in which several companies made VoD-related announcements, saying that most people don't want that much choice: "People like to be programmed to."

    摘要: Internet advertisement 迅速竄起. 消費者能更加理性, 在購物之前得到足夠的資訊. 但因為 Internet 的整個架構才剛好, 所以大部分的廠商還是會雙管齊下, 也就是同時投入TV & Internet 廣告.


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    這篇也是, 不過比較像社論.TV after Advertising (and Advertising after TV)http://www.rushkoff.com/2006/04/tv-after-advertisi...

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