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Lee asked in Society & CultureHolidaysHalloween · 1 decade ago

Anyone know where the custom of shouting "halloween apples" instead of trick or treat came from?

It is what they say in Winnipeg and I never got a straight answer for a reason other than that is what they are asking for. As a die hard Halloween lover I could never stand to hear that. Still curious though where it came from...


Strange that I only ever heard it in Manitoba (hardly a roman celtic cultural hub) and I don't recall EVER hearing trick or treat at all. Thank the powers that I live in more a more civilized city now! (wink)

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    In Ireland, great bonfires were lit throughout the breadth of the land. Young children in their guises were gladly received by their neighbors with some 'fruit apples and nuts' for the 'Halloween Party', whilst their older male siblings played innocent pranks on bewildered victims.

    In Scotland, children or guisers are likely to recite "The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween" instead of "trick or treat!", they will then have to impress the members of the houses they visit with a song, trick, joke or dance in order to earn their treats.

    In parts of Canada, children are more likely to say "Halloween apples" instead of "trick or treat." This probably originated when the toffee apple was a popular type of candy. However, there are some children today who say "Halloween apples" instead of "Trick or treat" because sometimes if the latter was said, the person at the door would take it as a question (i.e trick or treat?) and ask them to perform a trick instead of giving them a treat.

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    5 years ago

    Halloween Apples

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    I'm horrible at pulling pranks. The best was hiding behind a corner with a mask and scaring my friend as she walked through. I did, however, have neighbors, when I was the trick-or-treating age, who went *all* out for Halloween. One time, I was going to their house, and I saw a big coffin on the porch. Just your average decoration, though. Until I rang the bell and the husband jumped out, dressed as a vampire. I don't think I've ever had another time in my life that I've ran so fast.

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    This custom goes all the way back to roman times. When the Romans conquered the celts in the year 43 in the end of october, they honored the goddess of fruit and trees Pomona,whose symbol was the apple

    Source(s): NG Kids Oct 2005 magazine
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    They (I) used 'Halloween Apples' without even knocking or ringing a doorbell in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the mid 60's ... We would just stand on the front porch and yell that catchy phrase...!!!

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    Never heard of this. Must be a modern regional thing.

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    I have never heard that either. good thing someone else posted so we both could learn.

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    never herd of anyone saying that before

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i never heard that before...interesting

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