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What age should you start using anti-aging products?

Im 31. I normally use an ordinary moisturiser with a sunscreen for day and a vitimin e cream at night. Ive noticeed some fine lines round my eyes and mouth when I smile. Am i too young to use anti ageing creams?


Not convinced by this "your never too young" business - using anti ageing products on young skin SPEEDS UP the ageing process!

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    If you look anything like your Picture you will not need it till your 98 for sure

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    It may be true that using anti-ageing too young might have adverse effects. The same goes for using too many skincare products at a very young age. It might actually destroy your skin's natural ability to cope with problems.

    Most beauty programs/columns do say that it's never too young to start, but they also mention an estimated age range. Anyone above 25 should start thinking about using products for more mature skin. Because of the reduction in oil production by the oil glands, some people start experiencing dryness on certain parts of the face. You mention fine line around the mouth and eyes and true enough, that's where wrinkles first appear.

    I believe your regime now is good enough. I'm 25 and that's what i'm doing too. You don't necessary have to start specifically buying anti-ageing creams but if your skin feels dry, perhaps you might consider using a richer moisturizer.

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    Women I know tend not to show any signs of aging until they're - maybe - 50. I know women who, even if they have some minor crow's feet when they smile, don't show much age even in their 40's.

    I don't think anyone can guarantee that using some of the "heavy duty" anti-aging products (with Retinol, etc.) won't cause problems if you use them for 30 years; so I think you're right to think about it a little before using them.

    It seems to me that making sure you use a good sun blocking moisturizer makes sense, and you may want to go light on any foundation or concealers around the fine-lines area. I wonder if there's any chance you're not getting enough water to drink or if you're not getting something in your diet. You're awfully young to have fine lines, particularly around the mouth. Is there any chance weight gain on your face has created the lines, rather than age? Is there the chance the moisturizer you use is making the skin puff up a little and making the lines look worse? Some moisturizers "plump" the skin but don't necessarily plump out the lines.

    If I were you and were bothered by the lines I'd probably go ahead and use whatever anti-aging products I could find, see if they make a difference, and if they do I'd probably take a chance and just use them. Ponds makes a nice, mild, anti-aging moisturizer for under make-up. Maybe if you use them for a while you could take a break from time to time just in case non-stop, long-term use could cause any problems.

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    In your late 30's you can start using anti-aging products because it's true that anti-aging products can damage a young skin and you are still young. I know this because I've read it several times in magazines and on the internet. It's a fact. Don't worry about the fine lines because most of us have those lines and it's because we laugh alot and that means that you are a happy person, right? Just remember to stay out of the sun and if you are outside during the day, then go and buy yourself nice and big sunglasses that will cover your eyes from every corner and keep using a high SPF sunscreen.

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    I think you should start using products when YOU think you need them. Everyone is different in the way they look at aging and everyone ages quite differently. My grandmother at 91 has barely a wrinkle on her. She is amazing. But she has always exercised and eats really well which I think has a great deal to do with how you age. As far as products go, I would only suggest a good sunscreen, wear sunglasses when outdoors or driving, I try by best never to do excessive squinting. There are a ton of products out there and they can be really alluring and confusing making promises that most of the time do not deliver. Why not talk to a dermatologist? They have the best stuff available.

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    I would say as soon as you start noticing signs of aging. You may be too young for some products, sounds like you are doing good things now. Maybe you should wait awhile for the heavy artillery. The best thing you can do right now is what you are already doing, but keep applying sunscreen throughout the day, sun damage not only makes you look older, but you can get sick. Wait till those little laugh lines are there even when you're not smiling, then go on the anti-aging products.

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    Never. You should let yourself age gracefully. If you want to use some sort of anti-aging cream though, I would start at about 40. You don't really start to look older until you are about that age. Fine lines are just a natural part of aging though, so I wouldn't worry about using a lot of anti-aging products because they can hurt your skin.

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    If you are visibly aging then the products are designed to be implemented now, but whether you reserve them for the future, when you feel you will benefit the most from them, is a matter of discrimination. If I was you I would focus the most on sunscreen, vitamins, diet, and collagen-containing moisturizers, which don't hurt at any age, and put off the anti-wrinkle treatments until your 40s or 50s, when you'll begin to look less like the self you know.

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    The best age to start using them is now and no you are not too young. But first thing to remember is that "anti-aging" is an oxymoron like the word freezerburn.

    Keeping your skin hydrated is a good first step in keeping your skin looking young. Sunscreens are only as good as the number of applications. Have you ever heard of an all-day sunscreen? No? That's why we have to keep re-applying throughout the day.

    Eating healthier. Too much sunlight can attribute to premature wrinkles. If you smoke that also causes lines around the mouth.

    But if you have laugh lines it sounds like you love to smile. It's part of your personality.

    Some will recommend botox injections as a way to keep those laugh lines from being noticeable. I have never tried this but a friend of mine did and let me tell you she looked pretty weird laughing without any expression.

    Anyway, hydrating your skin from within and eating foods that help promote healthy skin should slow the process.

    Mary Kay also has great anti-aging skin products. My mother swears by Mary Kay cosmetics. Good luck.

    Source(s): Personal experience. I turn 36 in a couple of weeks and I don't have wrinkles because I drink plenty of water, don't smoke and eat healthy.
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    Am way over the hill and don't use any anti-aging products. I do wear a hat and sunscreen but don't smoke. No foundation of any kind, use facial peel once a week and Ivory soap every day. Look 10-15 years younger than I am and hardly even have any crows feet started around the eyes. Don't cook or eat greasy foods either. People think I'm lying when I say my age.

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