which are the best homeopathic colleges around the world? can i get a scholarship for any?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The ranking of the college are in order, and yes there are scholarship at some of these schools.

    1. Bournemouth University - The Institute of Health & Community Studies.

    2. Burnett International University (BIU)

    3. Curtin University of Technology

    4. Flinders University Medical School

    5. Homeopathycollege.com

    6. Hope University School of Medicine

    7. Nature Care College - Learning for Life

    8. Murdoch University

    9. University of Oradea - Medicine and Dentistry

    10. RMIT University- One of Australia's leading educational institutions

    11. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

    12. St. George's University - School of Medicine

    13. The Latin University of Costa Rica

    14. Universidad Latina De Panama - Faculty of Medical Sciences & Health (Panama)

    15. St Lukes University

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