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    台灣股市有漲停版,許多亞洲國家的股匯市也有漲停版或跌停版,英文寫法請參考《英漢證券期貨及財務用語匯編》( 兩- 停板 港- 限量;限額 台- 停板;限制 limit down 兩- 跌至停板;跌停板 內- 下跌價格限額 台- 跌停板 limit move 兩- 停板 內- 價格波動限制(漲跌停板) limit of overdrawn account 兩- 透支限額 limit order 兩- 限價訂單;限價買賣指示 內- 限價指令;限價委託 港- 限價盤 台- 限價訂單;限價單;限價委託 limit up 兩- 漲至停板;漲停板 內- 上升價格限額 台- 漲停板 limit up or down 兩- 漲跌停板;上下價格限額 內- 漲跌幅限制 同時也參考這邊   Limit down & Limit up見「最大價格波幅」。更多例子:鉅亨網金融中心 limit up, 漲停板. limited, 有限責任. limited bid, 指名競標. limited check, 限額支票. limited Company, 有限公司. limited convertibility, 有限兌換性. limited legal tender, 有限法償. limited letter of credit, 限定信用狀 findic.asp?type=word&key=L - 36k星洲互動:財經 避開股價狂飆公司另一類要避開的公司,就是那種股價常會漲停板(Limit Up)的公司。然而,這類公司通常最能吸引那些希望能賺快錢的散戶注意力,讓散戶像飛蛾撲火般不顧一切撲向它們。 大部份情況下,如果遇到例如像交投爆量(Explosion In Transaction sdate=&artid=200209210674實際新聞報導例句:28-09-2006: Mentiga hits limit-up in early trade Share price of Mentiga Corporation Bhd, which resumed trading on Sept 28 after a five-year suspension, hit limit-up in early trade following the completion of its restructuring exercise. ( GMT [Dow Jones] Taiwan banks' valuations have potential to rise sharply after StanChart (2888.HK) said Friday it plans to buy all of Hsinchu International Bank (2807.TW), last limit up 7% at NT$21.30, at 31% premium. "Increased foreign presence in Taiwan would likely force the industry to improve its efficiency and lending practices," says Morgan Stanley analyst Lily Choi in note; adds, StanChart's purchase, 1st such deal with foreign bank buying all of local bank, likely spur similar moves in future, accelerate banking consolidation on island. Top picks are Fubon (2881.TW), last down 1.7% at NT$28.85, Chinatrust (2891.TW), last down 2.1% at NT$25.45. (CMS) (

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    Agree with ValVal ( 研究生 4 級 - 生活英文知識DJ ) !

    kelly ( 初學者 5 級 )did not even say "USA stock market".

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    漲停板 The board stop

    轉帳交易 Transfer the trade

    店頭市場 Head market of the shop

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