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UC Davis

可否有人可以告訴我這間學校的特色(包括歷史背景,環境 ,學術 以及有名的強項科系)


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    Historial Background of UC Davis: Established in early 1900, seperated from UC Berkeley's Medical School, located in the cental valley of California, 15 mins drive east to the city of Sacremento, capital of California, 1 hour drive west to the city of San Francisco.  The campus is the biggest among all the UC systems, located in the city of Davis, a small college town about 50 to 70 thousands people, the university has about 25 thousands students (include both undergraduate and graduate students), and it is mainly an argiculture city.The University is strong in bio-chemstry, pre-medical majors, top ranking in argiculture, and excellent academic standing in engineerings.  For more information, you can go to you want to know information in Chinese, please leave your email and I will reply you.

    Source(s): My husband graduated from UC Davis
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