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I have a website which is in development. It will be a pretty big website overall. Does anyone know about companies that offer SEO (Search Engine optimisation) and what are the price ranges for that? I have seen many who say they will train your employees for that, but i am looking to subscribe to someone who will manage the SEO for my website. What kind of prices does one pay for such services?

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    You'll find there are roughly four types of SEO service:

    Something that costs a few hundred $/£ per year. Steer clear of that, because you won't be getting any value for your money - it's too cheap, and the chances are the company will do very little beyond submitting your site to search engines (something which isn't actually a great idea anyway), if they do anything at all.

    Next up are companies which offer a sort of monthly management scheme, where they do a bit of SEO and other internet marketing as well as generally looking after your site every month. In my experience, this is around £200/$300 per month. It's okay if you're not in a demanding market, but generally not a sufficiently dedicated SEO programme to give new sites the push they need.

    Then there is dedicated SEO consultancy, for which you can pay through the nose for if you want the best; you can expect to pay up to £300/$500 per hour for the top notch SEO consultants. You might also find some who will take you on on a monthly retainer, probably around £600/$1000 per month, for which you will be able to talk to them at any time and get a constant flow of advice.

    Finally you can outsource different bits of your SEO out to different companies who have more expertise in one area. This works best in conjunction with some form of consultancy so you know what you need. Again, costs will vary according to the quality and reputation of the provider. For example, you could hire a linkbuilding team in India extremely cheaply, or you could pay thousands for the creme de la creme of linkbuilders.

    By the way, in my opinion you DO need SEO consultancy before and during your site development, otherwise you will end up having to change things which just adds more cost. This way, the consultant will also be able to tell you what kind of future promotion your market will require : it might even be something you could do yourself with a couple of books, or it might well require a large investment in ongoing SEO from a professional.

    There are plenty of companies and individuals out there, just keep looking. And if you don't find anyone, well there's always me!

    Sorry, after writing so much I felt I deserved a small pitch :)

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    They usually cost a bit because it requires a lot of time and effort to effectively optimise a website. Most of the time the website will need to be redesigned as well.

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    You might want to consider building your site "Search Engine Friendly" right from the start.

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