The American Goverment, suppossed to kick the?

illegals out of USA. I know about 200. One, ilegall just came two weeks ago, And she is already getting aid, because she came pregnant!! I have called the I.N.S, and they said. "We are not doing any round ups, right now" They supposed can't buy a house, well, the have bought 3 houses, and they're involved in the drugs. Still, the goverment, don't want to be bother!!

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    If they're involved in illegal activities -- selling enough drugs so they can buy 3 houses in a short period of time, you should report them to the police. With the amount of traffic they must be doing, they are certainly of interest to the police. Where I live, there've been a number of big stings like this. Good luck!

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    Keep a journal of all that you know and what you are seeing. Take pictures or video their comings and goings. Get license plate numbers. It may take awhile, but send all of this information (save a back-up copy) to the local authorities and again to the I.N.S. By showing them proof of there activities, you stand a better chance of being heard and you will help get them out of the country. Be careful though. Drug dealers can cause you harm if you are found out.

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    I do not see the question among that ranting statement. You know "200 illegals" but only one of them is receiving aid. Think about that.

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