Looking for a steakhouse that has strippers as waitresses, located in NY?

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    Then you must go to Robert's Steakhouse 603 W. 45th Street; 212-245-0002):

    Welcome to Robert’s, where it is hard to separate this "Penthouse experience" from the restaurant’s non-bootylicious culinary virtues, which are considerable.

    The chef at Robert’s is Adam Perry Lang, previously of Le Cirque and Chanterelle. The beef is dry-aged and kept in a climate-, humidity- and air-velocity-controlled room; it is among the city’s best. (The main dance stage is similarly velocity-controlled: A fan at the front adds windswept drama to featured performers.)

    The specialty side of the house is the creamed spinach. Everyone–managers, waiters, bartenders and strippers alike– recommend it without prompting. It is exceptional. Likewise, the wine list is impressive and high-quality, topping out with a ’92 Chateau Petrus Pomerol priced at $1250.

    All of which adds up to a worthwhile dive into decadence. The only problem is that the music from the stage below tends to overwhelm the restaurant and get in the way of speaking to anyone you might be eating or flirting with. But when you go downstairs and get a 10-minute lap dance from a woman you fantasize about in vivid and graphic detail for the next week, such concerns seem as far away as the day your voice broke.

    Source(s): New York Press Reviews
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    Let me know if you find any!

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