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il divo...album 3?

has any one heard about il divo's album 3? it's suppose to be called Siempre. Does anyone know what songs are going to be on it? it's should be releasing mid november, but i can't wait!

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    A few Siempre songs at

    On December 4, 2006 Il Divo will release a new live DVD titled "Il Divo Live at the Greek Theater". It's a recording of the live concert given by Il Divo earlier this year (June 27, 2006) at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California. It includes performances of Regresa a Mi, Solo Otra Vez, Passerà, Isabel, Nella Fantasia, Rejoice, Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore, I Believe in You, Senza Catene, Every Time I Look at You, Si Tu Me Amas, Feelings, Mama, Somewhere, Heroe and A Mi Manera (My Way).

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    I do not know but those are some beautiful men with some beautiful voices. I do not have any of the albums, but perhaps I should get some used copies. That is some nice listening. How nice to have in the background.

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