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Who watched Cold Case Episode Sunday Oct. 1, 2006?

I used my DVR for the first time and because of the football game, everything was pre-empted. Cold Case did not come on at 9:00 and my DVR stopped recording at 10:00 PM. Did anyone watch it? Who killed the Iraq veteran who had the prosthetic arm? And why? Thanks.

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    Her friend that was in Iraq with her that lost his leg. He was in love with her, but she wanted to make things work with her husband (who she found out was cheating on her while she was away, and continued even after she was back). They met on a bridge because she wanted to say goodbye to the guy that died in Iraq, and she wanted to throw away her medal of honor. She got in a fight with her friend because he wanted her to leave her husband, and he pushed her and she fell off the bridge.

    By the way, Cold Case usually starts 15-45 minutes late during football season, so you have to tape for longer than an hour, or you will always miss the end.

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    The Iraq veteran was killed by her war buddy/best friend.

    I forgot what his name was.

    They were taking an evening stroll and were talking about the usual stuff(non distinct dialog). When they were crossing

    a bridge, they stopped and leaned on the side rails to gaze at the river below them. Suddenly, the casual conversation turned into an argument. He(war buddy/best friend) wanted her(prosthetic arm lady) to leave her husband(who cheated on her before) and

    go with him. She refused, then he grabbed her violently and continued to ask her if she would accept him.

    The guy started to shake her in a side to side motion. One time he shook too hard and threw her off the bridge.

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    sorry I was thinking of another show.

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