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How Can You Get Rid Of Eczema??

wow! eczema is so annoying

it is out of control on my arms and its really red

if you have any ideas of how to get rid of eczema please share!

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    Poor you, My daughter of 14 has a severe case of it since she was about 10. It really bad, the entire body. I took her to the dermatologist after going to her regular DR. for years. The Dr. gave her a ointment called (((triamcinolone acetonide cream))) as well as a (ointment) named the same thing( that looks like yellow vasiline). However, first, you should get some antibiotics( (they will prescribe to you) for 5-7 days to start the healing process of infections from scratching and sores. in the mean time, she will give you the ointments. and some pills( little pills that looks nerds candy) to help you sleep at night and don't scratch. I cannot tell you how much these meds actually work, my kids skin looked like the skin of a pig( really really, rough) and a snake skin( spots cracks, very dry skin etc,,. oh my goodness, it always made me cringe. Nonetheless. Over the counter junk does not work, only to take your money, expecially those expencive creams at say walmart for $7-12.99. No way. The creams basically saved her from embarrisment , she scratched all day and night atleast 200 times before noon. so far, after taking meds for 5 months I literally have not seen her scratched sence then( not even once) We forgot she had it. So my advice to you is to see a dermatologits( please) quick, and ask her about creams and pills to help you sleep, cannot think of the name> my dtr put them away, she stop using them. It will never heal on its own unless you see a derm. I hope this helps because it will help you. take care and don't scratch/it cause a flairup of infections. put cut out socks/stockings on your arm, legs to prevent scratching. it helps until you get to the Dr.( oh and vasiline at night under the sock etc... Bye

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    My little boy had eczema on his cheeks. I was not sure what method to use but I didn't want to make my boy go through any surgery treatments at this young age. Some suggested a plastic surgeon since it was in a very visible location but our family doctor recommend this natural guide.

    Best Eczema Treatment?

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    OH GOD, Can I tell you that people don't believe me when I try to tell them how bad it is. And I've found that all those ointments and creams and steroids, they will work for a little while, but it always comes back. One of my friends took her son for acupuncture, and he hasn't had trouble with it for years. Personally, I've found that breakouts are associated with stress. When I was little, I would be up all night scratching, and the only way I could go to sleep was if my mother rocked me in her arms. I am not a spiritual person, so definitely try the cortisone and the elidel creams, BUT you really need to get your mind off of it and off the stress. I am so SERIOUS, find something that relaxes you like yoga or dancing, whatever you enjoy, and that will help your breakouts big time.

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    Eczema patients can avoid scratchy fibers for softer ones like bamboo, cotton, or silk, which are gentler on the skin. Opting to buy organic fibers can also be a wise, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative. Learn here

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    try it out there are a few options there all natural to treat the eczema.

    there is one that i really like :

    "Grind garlic and add the same amount of honey. Smear on the infected area, bandage and wrap with nylon before bed time. In the morning take off the bandage and clean with alcohol. Do not apply water on. Repeat and put a clean bandage. "

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    Did you ever tested out Eczema Free Forever procedure? Check out at this place : . Possibly this could immediately support one and all!

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    eczema is uncurable but can be treated with a presc. from your doctor to keep in undercontrol. best of luck

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    Use Aveeno. Works great on my 5 yr old. If that doesn't work, then you need to see a dermatologist for a steroid cream.

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    Changing your diet is really the only thing you can do. There is a yahoo group that you can join and get lots of feedback from other people.

    I have psoriasis and I have been a member for a couple of months. I have see a lot of natural and herbal remedies there.

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    You cant, but you can relieve it by using benydryl, the pills work a lot better than the ointment.

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