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Bernice asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請問 英文兒歌 The marching band 歌詞?

一直找不到 The marching band 的歌詞

大概是 "We are marching band. We are marching band .

I can play the Flute .


I can play the side drum


其中有 一樂器 我一直搞不懂



很像 organflute的發音

Update 2:

I can play the ..... . 皆是樂器,有 Flute ,side drum, trumpet, bass drum,tambouring, trombone, 其中有一樂器我查不到, 其發音類似organflute or luganflu 我就是查不到.

1 Answer

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