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請問 far cry 是什麼意思?

請問下面這二段話當中It's a far cry from having a bona fide ace open the playoffs是什麼意思呢?謝謝!

Orlando Hernandez is doubtful to start Game 1 of the National League Division Series for the Mets on Wednesday after injuring his calf today while running in the outfield.

It's a far cry from having a bona fide ace open the playoffs. The Mets had expected Pedro Martinez to fill that glamour role, but he was lost for the season to a calf and rotator cuff injury.



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    "a far cry" == a. quite some distance, removed. b. very different, in sharp contrast.

    "bona fide" == 1. made, done, etc., in good faith; without deception or fraud. 2. authentic, genuine, real.

    因此這句 "It's a far cry from having a bona fide ace open the playoffs. " 的意思是 "(Mets, 大都會隊)要有一個真正的王牌來做季後賽第一仗的先發看來是不太可能了",

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    "far cry" 的 'quite some distance' 並不能用來指地理或位置上真正的距離, 而是指情況的差距...

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    omega_liu ( 實習生 1 級 ) 說得很對

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    omega_liu ( 實習生 1 級 ) 所舉的例句 真的是太棒了!!!!

    Source(s): 字意摘自 "The New Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language
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    Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary「far cry」有如下兩解:

    Function: noun

    1 : a long distance遙遠的距離

    2 : something notably different <the effects of the foreign-aid program were a far cry from what was intended> 明顯的不同


    Source(s): http://www.m-w.com +經驗
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    不同意finns的回答...your answer is a "far cry" from the actual meaning of far cry.

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    Far就是很遠的意,因此far cry有的時候就是指在很遙遠的地方。比如說,你可以

    講:Washington is a far cry from Beijing。這是說,華盛頓離北京很遠。但是,人們

    用far cry的時候往往是指某一樣東西和以往有很大的不同。

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