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好希望能讓你看到我當時的表情,我幾乎快哭了!一種期盼已久熟悉的感覺竟然如此真實清楚地傳入我的耳多裡!時間彷彿回到五月三十號的晚上,那個我們唯一擁有獨處的短暫片刻,卻也是決定了彼此未來關係發展的關鍵時刻。在電腦教室裡,我們並肩而坐,彼此是那麼靠近!你試著寫 e-mail 給我,要我檢查看是否能收到?在起身準備離開的時候;「離別」的感傷突然同時向著我們席捲而來!誰也不願先離開,想到幾個小時後,我們得各自回到自己的國家隔著國與國的時空,想要再見都不容易!心理不禁懊惱在這麼長的二十多天裡,怎麼從沒想過該好好把握時機,只顧著將所有的心力放在課程訓練上盒適應並學習照顧我的新夥伴!但受著保守教育、認知學校就是「清靜之地」 的心理限制,我只能選擇相信你、被動的接受你!我很笨,不太懂得如何回應你,但我要你知道: 你的擁抱、親吻卻是我此生永遠刻骨銘心的記憶。 而我最大的遺憾:就是近五百張的相片當中,竟然沒有任何一張是跟你在一起,就連團體相片也始終找不到你!

你的聲音聽起來似乎很疲累!是不是因為「錄製音訊檔」 讓你吃盡苦頭,在二十七號收到你來信的當天,我就立刻回信要你別再做了,只是信還來不及寄出去就收到你的聲音!對不起,真是難為你也辛苦你了!






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    Yesterday afternoon I finally heard your voice!!! I'm sorry I didn't listen to it straight away, I had to shut off the internet as I was doing a complete system scan on my computer. I was also very busy all of yesterday as I tried to sort through over 500 photos from my time in America.

    It was late night before I could sit down and concentrate on your voice properly through my ear phones. I wish you could have seen me. I was on the the verge of tears as I finally heard your familiar voice after waiting for so long. I was taken back to the night of May 30th - the only brief time we were truly alone together, and also the time that decided our future relationship. We sat next to each other int he computer room, you were trying to email me, and wanted me to check if I could receive it. As we were getting ready to leave, the reality that we were about to say goodbye suddenly hit us, and neither of us wanted to part from each other.

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    We were leaving to return to our respective countries in a few hours, and I lamented why I didn't make better use of our time together, instead of concentrating on my studies and looking after my new friends.

    2006-10-06 23:37:37 補充:

    My biggest regret is that in almost 500 photos, there is not even one of us both together, even in the group shots.

    You sounded tired. Was it because of the difficulties in making the audio files?

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    After I got your letter on the 27th, I replied to you to tell you not to bother with them any more. But I got the file in the end even before I posted my letter. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the trouble you have taken!

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    I can't continue anymore. Please forgive me. Take care of yourself.

    I will always cherish you,


    2006-10-07 00:02:16 補充:

    喂, 你回想的太細膩了吧! 下一次最好寫短一點, 不然要分二篇哦!

    Source(s): Having been through very conservative education and not used to school being a place for dating and relationships, I can only choose to trust you and accept you. I am very stupid and I don't know how to respond to you, but I want you to know that I will never forget your hugs and kisses - the memory of them will stay with me forever.
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