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We are starting an aquarium at school. The teacher asked us to recommend what fish to put in the tank.?

Important factors to consider are which fish get along well with each other. I am sure there are other factors that need to be considered in selecting fish. Please include them in your answer.

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    Why not look through this site to see what appeals to you and what care requirements they have . Here is a compatibility chart so you can build your own community .


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    Tetras--they come in lots of colors, shapes and sizes (although most stay under 1.5 inches or so), and they are non-aggressive. They also are about the cheapest to buy. They are, however, schooling fish, so best to buy at least 4 of any one type. Also, danios (zebra, golden, etc.) are good, and about the same size as tetras. They are also a schooling fish. Both these types of fish are also incredibly hardy. You'll also want a couple of cory cats and a couple of Chinese algae eaters. Don't get plecos, they get pretty huge, plus they are major ugly.

    Avoid cichlids, they are aggressive, and also they require a different pH compared to tetras and danios, although many species have interesting breeding habits, but they are best left for a cichlid-only tank. I also find guppies difficult. They used to be easy, and if you had 2, you'd get babies, but this was back in the '70s, when I first got into aquariums. Now, I've had an aquarium in my house (at one point I had 2) for about 10 years. The guppies don't breed, and they die pretty quickly. Plus, they are pretty expensive.

    Hope this helps.

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    Tetras are good fish, but let me suggest another type: platies. Platy fish are some of the easiest fish to take care of (similar to mollies or guppies) & are very bright colored. They are relatively small so you can often keep several in a small tank. There is the Red Wag Platy that is a bright red with a black dorsal fin & tail. There is the Candy Platy that is bright orange-ish yellow with black spots. The Mickey Mouse platy is orange-ish yellow with little black markings exactly like mickey mouse ears on his tail. There are blue platies, red dalmation platies, gold twin bar platies, & hosts of other colors & markings. They are community fish & get along well with other non-aggressive fish.

    Head to your local pet store to check out a few. Have fun with your classroom tank!

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    i'm overjoyed for you. :) you have a threat to enhance an entire classroomful of youngsters who do no longer have confidence in the "gallon according to inch" rule! or in sticking goldfish in a small tank to die! or in blaming the goldfish's deaths on the goldfish! Please do the knowledgeable element and be sure what you learn here on respected internet web content. think of till now you purchase. and seem at what your pupils are going to earnings approximately accountability and admire for living creatures. learn FISHLESS cycling, the NITROGEN CYCLE, and ordinary PARTIAL WATER differences. there are various great articles here, and the boards at that internet site are packed with efficient, knowledgable those that would furnish help to thru in case you get caught or stumped. evaluate: -- one betta (will want a heater) -- 3 guppies (male) once you're keen to extremely great-commit to sturdy-sized water differences, you may get -- no extra suitable than one betta, even female (too little area for their aggressiveness) -- 5 guppies (male) -- 3 platies (male) -- a paradisefish -- a killifish To any of those, evaluate including a handful of ghost, cherry, or amano shrimp, and beneficial a nerite snail. initiate with ghost shrimp so as that your investment is small at the same time as you come across out no remember if or no longer your fish relish shrimp dinners. sidestep secret/apple snails -- they are able to get extremely huge, and generate a lot of poop in a tank that small. additionally, ANY of those fish will relish some plant life for protection. stay are ultimate, as they help shop your water somewhat purifier, yet there are some extremely notably silk ones on the industry. sidestep plastic through fact the perimeters can tear fish fins, incredibly in a tank that small. sturdy success! EDIT: with the aid of the way, i'm no longer recommending combining male/female guppies and platies considering which you haven't any longer have been given a extensive adequate tank for extra suitable than what I already cautioned. And the breeding occurs quickly and a lot of times. this is irresponsible to enable fish breed into an environement the place there is not any room for them to enhance.

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    ill tell u the best fish ever its called a bala shark its not a feedeer tho meaning it eats fish flakes looks like a shark anmd live for bout 15 yrs and do not feed every day feed every two days that goes for any fish they live longer that way. the bala shark gets along with any fish. ok now about ciclids those r fun but they get expewnsive and if u get one ciclid all you can get now is other ciclids tjhey only eat meat. well good luck if you have any problems call pets mart at 314 918 9123

    Source(s): im manager for petsmart fish and aquatics
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    Well i think the algae eater is cool and yet necessary to the tank. You have to know what fish eat the others. Algae eater eat algae but don't let the name fool you, they might eat other things so you have to do your homework. After frequenting the fish store and experimenting Parana are cool you can count on them they eat everything that moves lol. This site will help you with all that and what to feed your fish too:-)

  • Get Guppies! These guys are so easy to take care of. Dont get goldfish and never mix the two. If you've never had a tank before guppies are the fish to get.

    Source(s): worked at a pet store for 3 years
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    There should be one gallon of water per INCH of fish. If you use any Goldfish, you need 4 gallons of water per inch of goldfish. You don't say how large the tank is ? You should use only community fish .. they don't fight each other. Male guppies, Mollys .. PetSmart or PetCo can help you out. Good Luck! :)

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    angel fish and gold fish get along the best, adn they dont really need any special care just to get feed everyday and clean the tank every two to three weeks.

    Source(s): ive had a tank for about 15 years
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    you should get feeder fish they are small but they live a long time. as well as a placastimus this fish will help keep the tank clean

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    Any type of "tetra" would be great. They are very hearty and do not require a lot of fuss. They also come in many different varieties, all of which get along just fine.

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