Where to go from here?

I have no job and desperately need one but I can't just accept anything. I want what God has for me. I just don't know where to go from here. (After reading my background info., can someone please give me some suggestions?)

Background info:

I have one year of college education which I hated. Love to learn but hate the way they teach. (Of course it probably would have helped if it was a Christian school but I have none near me that I would like to attend and don't like the idea of internet courses.) I have two years experience at a home daycare. (Which I didn't love, but loved aspects of it.) I am pentecostal. I have a home church but it is small so they don't have resources for me.

I love to talk about God. I love to be there for others. I also love the idea of some sort of woman's ministry. I love children. I've taken all the personality/job tests. They all say the same thing: Teacher/preacher. That's all fine and good but I just can't seem to find the where and how.


I live in Michigan. I've considered being a teacher's assistant but Christian schools are hard to find. I guess what I'm looking for is an "outside the box" idea.

Update 2:

I'm NOT being negative. I'm just looking for creative ideas. A non-normal job description hopefully in the field of ministry or teaching. I just know there is someone out there who has an idea or knows a company/church that does things a little different then the norm.

Update 3:

I don't want to leave Michigan it's where my two families are. (My boyfriend's family is awesome!)

Update 4:

Am I being imature in hoping to work for kind people? I mean I know I'll always run into people that I don't see eye to eye with but I would like to think there is something (anything) out there where the people are either kind or sort of fun to work with?

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    Try West Michigan (Grand Rapids/Holland/Muskegon area). West Michigan is totally different than the rest of Michigan, job wise. Plus, West Michigan has beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, lots of lakes, forests, etc.

    There are a bunch of Christian colleges in the area, as well:

    Cornerstone University - Grand Rapids

    Calvin College - Grand Rapids

    Hope College - Holland

    There are also a lot of Christian schools in the area (if you wanted to be a teacher):

    Catholic Central High School - Grand Rapids

    Covenant Christian High School - Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids Christian High School - Grand Rapids

    Hope Protestant Christian School - Grand Rapids

    Plymouth Christian High School - Grand Rapids

    South Christian High School - Grand Rapids

    West Catholic High School - Grand Rapids

    Calvin Christian High School - Grandville

    Algoma Christian School - Kent City

    Tri Unity Christian School - Wyoming

    Ada Christian School - Ada

    Dutton Christian School - Caledonia

    Blessed Sacrament School - Grand Rapids

    Creston Christian School - Grand Rapids

    Cutlerville Christian School - Grand Rapids

    Holy Spirit School - Grand Rapids

    Immaculate Heart of Mary School - Grand Rapids

    Milbrook Christian School - Grand Rapids

    Oakdale Christian School Grand Rapids

    Plymouth Christian Elementary School - Grand Rapids

    St Anthony of Padua Elementary School - Grand Rapids

    St Paul The Apostle School - Grand Rapids

    St Thomas The Apostle School - Grand Rapids

    Grandville Christian School - Grandville

    Kelloggsville Christian School - Kentwood

    St John Vianney Elementary School - Wyoming

    Freedom Baptist Schools - Hudsonville

    Heritage Christian School - Hudsonville

    Unity Christian High School - Hudsonville

    Grand Haven Christian School - Grand Haven

    Corpus Christi Catholic School - Holland

    Hudsonville Christian School - Hudsonville

    Jenison Christian School - Jenison

    Zeeland Christian School - Zeeland

    Calvary Christian Schools - Fruitport

    Muskegon Catholic Central Middle School - Muskegon

    Muskegon Catholic Central High School - Muskegon

    Western Michigan Christian High School - Muskegon

    Holland Christian High School - Holland

    Holland Christian Middle School - Holland

    Pine Ridge Christian School - Holland

    South Side Christian School - Holland

    Moline Christian School - Moline

    ...and many more

    West Michigan job market expected to grow


    "This region has the healthiest economy in the state, and the outlook appears relatively rosy for future hires. That's the consensus of Manpower Inc. and its analyst, Joe Ross.

    "Michigan's got two economies right now," Ross said. "One is West Michigan, and the rest of the state."

    Ross sees it this way: "If it were a summer movie, we would call it 'Revenge of the West Side,' " Ross said. "West Michigan still is the bright spot in the entire state.""

    Industrial market shows promise


    "Donald Shoemaker, principal for Franklin Partners, said he bought the Siemens Dematic facilities, 4147 and 4247 Eastern Ave. SE, because the regional market has been strong.

    "We're asked all the time, 'Why would you go to the worst economy in the nation to do business?' But that's with the east half of Michigan added in," he said.

    In West Michigan, the outlook and demand are considerably different than the Detroit area, he said."

    East meets west


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    You have a world of opportunity at your fingertips. You can stay in Michigan, but consider thinking outside of the book. If you have a gift in teaching, then you should be able teach people in any copacity. When I have taken the personality test, I scored very high in administrative. I could think only secretary, or filer. Instead I have a degree in Medical Transiption and I am a leader for a local group that ministers to women. Remember that wherver you are placed, you have been called there. Consider reading The Purpose Driven Life or Finding God's Will.

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    Seems to me that god is telling you something.

    You know deep down the path god has laid out for you.

    You will never feel whole unless you walk THAT path.

    God wants you to teach and preach.

    Who daoes that? I know, teachers at a christian school.

    Go to BIBLE college. Get a degree in MINISTRY. APPLY at a local christian school, and get started, The only road blocks you encounter will be a test of faith, place youre faith in god, and all will be right.

    God doesent give you a path to walk, without a light to guide you.

    Follow the light.

    Vangaurd univercity.

    Its a bible college in costa mesa, ca.

    spread gods word,

    go on a mission, you dont haft to leave the states.

    theres cheap housing near the school also,

    OCC is a community college right down the road so you could also get youre teaching cridentials there as well.

  • Look up ST. Leo's college. It is in Florida, or the main campus is and they have satellite schools all across the United States. You have to have At least an AA degree but once you have that you can join the Piece corps and they have want you want, and a plus or perk to that is the experience you gain there will help you gain better employment in the real world as well. I hope this helps you. My two cents worth

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    ur problem u hate certain things firs u have to accept who u r and love what u done in the past otherwise u r in cnflict with the god god is only love ask god for guidance and answer will come somehow blessings to my daughter

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    even although i have not in any respect been on your footwear, I hate it how human beings continually blame the different woman. it really is that double-timing piece of excrement that could want to sense undesirable, no longer you. perfect component you may want to do is sense sorry for the undesirable woman who invests in a relationship with him and pray you not in any respect fall in love with truly a kind of.

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    You need to give it all to him.

    Tell him you are wanting and waiting for what his plan is in your life.

    Ask him to open a door so that you can start fulfilling your plan that He wants for you.

    And be patient and don't give up.

    God wants us to be persistant in what we want, and in our faith!

    God Bless You, friend!

    Don't worry, you will find what you are looking for.

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    A flood hit and the Man was on the roof. A boat can by, the Man said no thanks GOD is going to save me.

    A bigger boat came by, the Man said no thanks GOD is going to save me. Finally, a helicopter came by, the Man said no thanks GOD is going to save me. The Man Drowned. In Heaven, the Man asked GOD, why didn't you Save Me?

    GOD said I sent two Boats and a Helicopter.

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    you need to find yourself first. start with what you like, and drop the negativity. when you figure that out, you will find your calling.

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