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Who has started the most wars ? Dermocrat or Republican Presidents ? Explain.?

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    Indian Wars occurred in every Presidency up to the 20th Century. Many were the results of broken treaties.They will not be counted.

    Franco-American Naval War(Quasi War): John Adams, Federalist(Ancestor Party of the Republicans); See XYZ affair for reason of war

    First Barbary War: Thomas Jefferson, Democratic-Republican(Ancestor Party of the Democrats); Tripolitians ransomed American Sailors and tried to blackmail US. When the US refused the Pasha(equivalent to king) declared war.

    Second Barbary War and War of 1812: James Madison, Democratic-Republican; Second Barbary War began the same way as the first only with the Bey of Algiers declaring war. While the War of 1812 can be argued as being a war about sailor's rights, the real motive was Canada.

    Mexican-American War: James K. Polk, Democratic; The Republic of Texas had a claim to Land between the Rio Grand and San Antionio(which the US inherited), which was not valid. Polk sent troops to the territory to protect it and the Mexican government sent troops to drive it out.

    American Civil War: Abraham Lincoln, Republican; First fought to preserve the Union(the right to secede is still debated to this day) later to end slavery.

    Korea(1876); Ulysses S. Grant, Republican; Called Choson at the time, the country attacked and destroyed an American Navy Vessel. The war was fought with similar motives as Perry's visit with Japan.

    Spanish-American War and Phillipine Insurrection: William McKinley, Republican; American Naval Ship Maine sent to monitor alleged mistreatment of the civilians of Cuba and protect American economic interests. The ship was destroyed and the press (the real instigators of the war)of the time placed the now doubtful blame on the Spanish. US fought the war to free Cuba. McKinley announced that giving the Filipinos Independence outright would be like simply handing them over the Germans or Japanese(because of the geographic position) and harm American economic Interests.

    Haiti; Vera Cruz occupation, Pancho Villa, World War I: Woodrow Wilson, Democratic; Troops were sent in to stabilize Haiti, Vera Cruz was occupied to prevent ships from Germany delivering guns to the government. Pancho Villa made several attacks on Americans(because he was not recognized as President of Mexico) forcing Wilson to send troops to capture Villa. WWI involvement was the result of Germany violating Neutrality rights.

    Nicaragua: Calvin Coolidge, Republican; Like Haiti the objective was stabilization.

    World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic; Asked for declaration of war after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Germany and Italy declared war two days later.

    Korean war (1950-54): Harry S. Truman, Democrat; North Korea, in violation of a UN treaty, invaded South Korea. Troops were sent to contain communism.

    Vietnam War: Lyndon B. Johnson, Democratic; involvement started after two American gunboats were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin(the reports have now been proven falsified.).

    Grenada: Ronald Reagan, Republican; When a Communist government took over the country, it persecuted the American college students studying there.

    Panama, Persian Gulf War Operation Restoring Freedom: George HW Bush, Republican; Noriega, leader of Panama was charged with drug traffickingand through Noriega's power, Panama would declare war(Though retaining the Canal is alleged to be the real motive). Persian Gulf War was fought to Liberate Kuwait from Iraq and protect Saudi Arabia from an Invasion(also to protect oil interests). Troops were sent to Somalia to assist in the feeding the hungry after guerrillas shot up UN aid convoys.

    Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq: Bill Clinton, Democratic Party; troops were sent to Bosnia to enforce peacekeeping. Yugoslavia was attacked over genocide upon the ethnic Albanians

    in Kosovo. Air assaults were done upon Iraq after it failed to comply with UN weapons inspectors.

    Afghanistan and Iraq: George W. Bush, Republican; Invasion of Afghanistan was the result of the Taliban ruled government's refusal to hand over Osama bin Laden. Iraq's invasion is still under debate.

    Final Score: Democrats: 16

    Republicans: 10

    Source(s): Wikipedia, Robert Leckie's The Wars of America and maybe half a dozen other sources I can't think of.
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    • Leif4 years agoReport

      Clinton support the invasion of Kosovo from Albanians, This was a land dispute when the muslims attacked police stations killing numerous Serbian Christian Police/civilian, Albanians where invading from Albania killing Christian farmers stealing their land. Clinton attack the Serbs.

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  • Amy
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    The only way a president could "start" a war is to invade a sovereign nation either unilaterally or with an alliance. Most of the major conflicts of the 20h Century were fought with America coming to the aid of its allies against an aggressive outside invader (WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf war). Even the invasion of afganistan was a true response to the attacks of 9/11, and not an instigation of war. The politics of these Presidendts was probably irrelevant. In the recent history the only president to start a war is G.W. Bush who invaded Iraq, a soverign nation that while not our ally, was not acting aggresively to another nation at the time of the invasion.

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    • c4 years agoReport

      Hey Jay...You're missing the point. I think most Americans were in support of GW's retaliation of the 9/11 attacks by targeting Afganistan. (I was). The comment was related to attacking Iraq, whom was not involved in attacking the US. Hence, he started a war. Get your facts straight.

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    I knew he’s all politics and no truth, but someone in his administration needs to watch what he’s saying because we’re not that stupid.

    The ratio is 5 Democrats to 2 Republicans who started wars since World War I:

    World War I: Woodrow Wilson, Democrat

    World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat

    Korean war (1950-54): Harry S. Truman, Democrat

    Vietnam War: Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat

    Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq: Bill Clinton, Democrat

    Persian Gulf War, George HW Bush, Republican.

    Afghanistan and Iraq, George W. Bush, Republican

    • The Vietnam war started in 1955 under republican Eisenhower (Second Indochina War that included Laos and Cambodia), it was only after the Gulf of Tonkin setup that allowed Johnson to escalate did it come into the forefront of the American public. You also need to add Obama and Trump

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    Us Republican Presidents

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    One thing that is without doubt, purpously misleading about these lists, is who STARTED these wars. Not who was responsible for making the decision to come to the aid of our allies/NATO. Also note that from 1964-1972 there was a 180º ideological shift of parties wherein REPS became DEMS and vice versa after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Now, go back and tally up what party has STARTED the most wars.

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    Some state that the US is a nation of war. Go through your world history and find many countries that, with the growth that we had, both in size, economic and power, that were not involved in wars. When your friends and allies are attacked you help. When you are attacked, you fight. And in today s world, it is about going to those who would harm us, and if they will not stop their aggression, then you stop them. You do not throw the first punch, but you land the first punch. I would rather fight somewhere else than on this land. It is one of the advantages we have had as a nation, to have the oceans as a barrier, although in today s world, and with increasingly open borders, it is not such an advantage.

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  • 5 years ago

    Brian M, there was no valid cause to invade Iraq. Two hundred thousand of their citizens were killed and it was all about GW wanting to get SH. There is ample proof that there was no eminent threat to the US, were no WMD, and that GW knew it when he did it.

    These people didn't die so anyone could be free. We became the very evil we claim to abhor.

    FYI, the living conditions for the remaining Iraqis are STILL worse now than before we invaded. That terrible ruler did what was necessary to keep the warlords in check, as we found out the hard way in years of trying to occupy that country.

    Get your facts straight and stop waving the flag so blindly. WE did that... and it's not the only or the first time.

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    • The Dems pulling out of Iraq (&Vietnam) lost those countries to evil again. If we had left S Korea these past 50+ years it would look like N Korea. More were murdered in the 1 year after we abandoned Vietnam than in all 10years of the war both sides combined. The Left is all about death and misery.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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    world war ! = democrat world war 2= democrat Korean conflict =democrat Vietnam = democrat Grenada = republican desert storm= republican was on terror = republican

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  • 5 years ago

    Vietnam War did not start under LBJ.

    Too many ignorant / deceptive answers here.

    Yahoo answers is crap place to get accurate information.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Republican and Democrat parties only came to exist just prior ot the civil war, so wars before then can't be included.

    Spanish-American War 1898 McKinley Rep

    World War I 1917-1918 Woodrew Wilson Dem

    World War II 1941-1945 FDR/Truman Dem/Dem

    VIetnam War 1960's-1973 LBJ/Nixon Dem/Rep

    Desert Storm 1991 Bush Sr/Rep

    Current War(s) 2001-present Bush Jr/Rep

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    • Larry3 years agoReport

      The first recorded death in VIET NAM occurred during the time of IKE in 1959. Nixon ended it only after KISSINGER made a deal with VIET CONGRESS leaders to prolong war until after election helping to guarantee NIXON a victory but costing an estimated 2,000 additional AMERICAN DEATHS.

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  • 4 years ago

    War Presidents

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