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Should North korea test nuclear weapons?

right now, if you got a nuke, nobody will mess with you

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    Ok first of all why is it ok for America to have nuclear weapons but we tell others it is not ok? I would agree it makes me feel uncomfortable for South Korea or Iran to have nuclear weapons. But how can we tell a country that they cna't have nuclear weapons when we hve them. It seems like a double standard to me. And it just shows America as being the bully natoin that we are. I don't want them to have the weapons but i am ont going to be one to sit here and say no you can't have one because we have a whole arsenal. It is really messed up and that is why i have very little respect for the american government

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    Yeah but if they get a nuke there are many possibilites of what they could do with it. Do what you say and use it as like a sign to others not to mess with them, although they would never be able to overcome the powers of the US. Second option would be to use it to nuke the US, or Japan. Which if they did nuke the US it would cause there country to be anialated, if they attack Japan the US will probably come out as big brother again (which is a good thing) and anialated them. The third thing which is what I think is gonna happen, is they will sell the weapons to either terrorists, saudi arabia, or any other middle east country. I still think it isn't a good thing. Think what you want but theres a change in the wind coming. Just be careful

    lol...i think its funny that you can tell who the democrates are and who the republicans are.....Dems-->Why cant they have them we have them. Equal rights b*itch....lol yeah if we go your way we'll all be equal speaking KOREAN, and we'll all be communists

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    It will disrupt the balance of power in Asia. Japan might decide to develop their own. If so, China and South Korea will feel threatened by Japan (read about what Japan did in those countries in WWII). If China decides to escalate it's program, it would disrupt the balance of power with all the other nuclear powers.

    There is another issue too. Right now the big powers (and to an certain extent India/Pakistan) do not want to use them, a real taboo, for fear that things will get out of control. If a small irresponsible state uses one against a neighbor and nothing catastrophic happens, the taboo will be removed, so others might try it and eventually things might get out of control.

    Start watching the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock. You will likely see it moved much closer to midnight if the North Koreans do this.


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    i do no longer think of the word could be 'hypercritical' yet somewhat a 'closed' communist u . s . like North Korea , with their new chief , desirous to tutor his muscle , could be a extreme difficulty to non violent neighbours alongside with South Korea. If this 'close society' does not have faith in international relatives on the international point , they could desire to a minimum of be demanded to attend a United countries emergency assembly to respond to questions. the explanation why some mature , democratic and non violent countries have their own nuclear deterents is basically for that - to deter rogue states alongside with NK from putting a nuclear armed weapon into yet another u . s . for no obvious reason. the international is observing the Communist State very intently.

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    It's a really tough problem what can they do to stop them? the North has one of the have the biggest armies on earth and their covered by China a much bigger gorilla you can't sanction them their already poor and the people of North Korea live in extreme poverty.

    I don't know how this will play out but it's a very dangerous


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    I do not for for minute think Korea should test nuclear weapons, what next, the war isn't enough now this.

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    They would be better served studying farming techniques. There people are starving. But they build nuclear weapons.

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    The bigger question is should the U.S. test nuclear weapons ON N. Korea? I vote Yes!

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    In theory, no. None of us should have developed a "Weapon of MAss Destruction" like that. It's US saying "Dont arm yourself with what we have, then you might be able to F with us" They test a weapon, we use a weapon? We all dead

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    they have the same right as america

    they threaten but dont use

    america uses but dont threaten

    thats the only difference then ameica shits itself when a new country develops nukes

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