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Is the aquatech power filter any good?

I got an aquatec power filter with my 20 gal kit. Is it any good? How noisy is it? Anyone got a picture of a good 20 gal setup with like decor and stuff? BTW, what kind of cartidges go in my filter?

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  • iceni
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    Some aquatech filters come with a BIO wheel which is always a good thing for your tank. If your doesn't have the bio wheel, they do carry it in stores as an add-on


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    I don't know about the filter, but just measure the size of the cartridge and get one the same size, that's what i do. I have a 10 gallon tank, but it's not set up too good because i've had some fish and plants die that i haven't replaced yet.

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    Honestly - I would see if you could get a refund for it, and get yourself a Pengiun 150 from Marineland. It's a Biowheel filter, and much better than the Aquatec (Aquatec is one of those off brands that gets included as a package deal that no one would buy singularly).

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