I have to do a state report on alaska 4 school.do you know any good sites with good info?

here is what i need.if you can help bu finding sites or personal opinion or whatever,i would appreciate it and give out 10 points.thank you so much.i need :

1.map of alaska(major rivers,mountains ,lakes,cities,capital etc)

2.pic of state flag,bird and flower(i can find this on my own,cause i have to draw it but if there is a good site give me a link)

3.geography,climate,history,agriculture, and industry of state(i need to write in my own words 1-3 paragraphs on these topics)

4. 10 places to visit(and some brief background of the places)

5. famous people(at least 5,and also info on what they did)

and any ideas to make my presentation get an A would be welcome.thanks so much!

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    Just type www.Alaska.com and it should bring up the state's official website

    Try going to yahoo.com and type in the world Alaska and it will give you a list of different sites to find all the info you need

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    Try this site for a start, http://www.state.ak.us/

    A little known fact is that the Bird-man of Alcatraz committed his crime in Juneau, Alaska.

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    Wow! Are you lazy! I won't get ten points for telling you so, but it's really true. ALL the information you are asking about is available by typing ALASKA into the search the web box on this page.

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    1 decade ago

    go to www.50states.com

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