How to build a prize wheel?

I'm wondering what would be the most cost effective way to construct a prize wheel

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    Use a lazy-susan. It has bearings and rolls good. Remove any rails and add pictures or numbers as you need. You can find them at garage sales and they are cheap to buy.

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    Build Your Own Prize Wheel

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    Take a piece of plywood or particle board, attache a nail or screw at a point roughly the center of where you want your wheel to start. Then to the screw or nail attach a string and a pencil and draw a circle. Your wheel should be about 3 feet wide, give or take. Now, mark two points across from one another with a line connecting the two, and do the same perpindicuar, so now you have an X, and continue to do so so you make a pie shape out of lines. At the points at the edge, you will be placing wooden dowels, make them about 2 to 3 inches long. Get out a drill, with the appropriate sized bit and drill holes half way through the wood, glue your 2" to 3" long dowels in place. Next is the stand. Make one big enough to accomodate the wheel's width, and leave enough room on one end for the flapper. The flapper part is easy. All you would need is a piece of heavy leather, got an old pair of shoes laying around, an old leather belt? basically you rig up a clamp using two pieces of wood, a couple of screws and the leather flap in between. The clamp part will attach to the stand. As for the wheel, and mounting it. Drill a hole at where your nail was at, your wheel should be fairly centered because of this. Drill a hole large enough to accommodate a bolt thats about 1/2" wide. And simply mount to your stand. Should cost about 20$, provided you do have your own saw. But thats about it.

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    Heavy duty cardboard wheel with large bolt through the centre and attached to a stand with the prize arm on the bottom pointing up.

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    I would mount the arm at the top, pointing down

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