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where was the polio vaccine discovered?

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    The history of vaccine is outlined at the site indicated below.

    But first, here is an important message.

    Almost all of the polio in the world today is created by the polio vaccine.

    Do NOT get vaccinated.

    A vaccinated person is MORE likely to get a disease than a non-vaccinated person. The whole theory of vaccination is flawed. It causes a weakening of the immune system thus making those who are innoculated more susceptible to disease.

    There are so many awful side effects to vaccination that it should be considered extremely dangerous.

    Just sit back and think for a while.

    Is there any sense in injecting a disease directly into the bloodstream.

    We have been subjected to an awful mind control program to enable the drug manufacturers to make a fortune.

    The Vaccination Hoax

    If you go to the vaccination liberation web page, at

    You will find all the forms necessary to provide exemption for your child.

    If you want to study the history of vaccination, see

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    Dr. Johnas Salk of the United States discovered the first polio vaccine.

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    More accurately it was developed not discovered by Jonas Salk. That is why it is called the Salk vaccine.

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    University of Pittsburg.

    Dr. Jonas Salk had begun his medical research career studying immunology, In 1947 he begun his research on poliovirus at this university.

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