how technology assist a library in a university that is now being upgraded?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    with Library automation we can give right information to the right person at right time, which helps for functioning of the library smoothly. Cataloguing and classification, Cross references can be done thru computer so that we do not miss out on small and most important details which can be desiminated to the students. Issuing of books can be done thru automation. This will ensure that the return of the book reminders can be done by the computers. All the data can be stored on, so that we will know cost of the books, publisher, bill no etc. for accounting purposes. With this innovation our loss of books will be only 2 %. Tracing of books becomes easy. Many more good things also will happen especially writing on cards will become 0. saving lot of trouble for cataloguist. Need not rewrite catalogues need not arrange it.

    This is all in short explanation.

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