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dogs/horses i need a good betting system please?

or any way to win.lottery/dogs horses --how to bet using a good system or other means that is proffitable

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    Bet on the favourite horse to show in races of 7 horses or less. The favourite comes in the top 3 in such races 79.84% of the time (I have over 120,000 races worth of stats to prove this).

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    Bet to Show any of the following: #1: the underlayed Morning Line Favorite (odds go down) or a horse that underlays below it so that IT becomes the favorite at post time (veto if a close two- or three-way tie for favorite); #2: the horse that underlays the most percentage (unless it goes from 50 to 1 down to 20 to 1 -- still a dog; or unless it was not the first or second favorite and is on the extreme outside of a large field); #3: unless its place and show pools are thin compared to the second favorite - the morning line favorite with the most win pool money - veto this if a close two- or three-way tie; #4: the horse with the average win/place/show pool $ (each pool weighted equally, so that #5 win plus #3 place and #4 show becomes average of: (5+3+4)/3 = #4 rank, etc., which would be average in a field of 8 or 9 but not so in a field of 5 as it is = #4 out of 5); #5: when a top jockey has not finished in the money for three successive races; #6: except if a maiden - a horse that has unjustifiably high odds because it missed finishing in the money last time by being blocked, stumbled out of the gate, faded or did not finish or because it was tried at an inappropriate distance or surface and its results for shorter (or longer) distances (or the other surface) are better; ok to do the bet regardless of if it's a maiden race as long as any of the above is true and the race is being run in rainy or muddy conditions or if being moved off the turf; #7: when NONE of the three-lowest post-time odds favorites has finished in the money for a race, bet the Morning Line first favorite (if underlayed; if not, bet the ML second favorite) Bet to win any of the following: #1: when NONE of the first two favorites (either Morning Line or Post Time odds) has won for two-three successive races, bet the bottom two post time odds to win if you can do that and make a profit (but do not dutch as it never seems to turn out right as the odds shift too much to get the percentages right); bet all three lowest favorites if the lowest Post Time odds is about 3-1; #2: (courtesy of a friend) the horse that missed winning last race by the smallest distance (unless it's a maiden or is running in a higher class, or different distance or surface than before); #3: in a Maiden race of the lower purse amounts (particularly Fillies and Mares Four years and higher) any horses with odds higher than 7-1 (but not higher than 50-1) when no longshots have won any maiden races (or ANY races) that day (ok to do multiple win bets of equal amounts but no dutching); this works extremely well in large $ tracks where professionals are underlaying several longshots in the same race, particularly when the horses being bet are next to each other in the field - which is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs after a longshot win streak. Races To Avoid: #1: whenever any entry (two or more horses running under the same number, such as 1 and 1-A) has very short odds; #2: if one of the first two favorites is next to a scratch (it helps the weaker horses get around them more than it helps the favorites get around the weaker horses); #3: a favorite is at the rail and next to a real dog like 99 to 1 -- it can block the favorite by being so bad; #4: any race that has multiple scratches (like 7 out of a field of 14), particularly if it leaves the favorite dangling in post position 12 next to five scratches; #5: show bets in a minus pool; #6: favorites win bets in the rain or mud; #7: betting the wrong horses in the wrong races - betting against the best in stakes, or betting just favorites in maiden races, etc.

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    Although I don't bet them myself, I have a friend who does. He told me, for instance, that to bet horses intelligently, you need to get racing forms, and racing histories for both the jockeys and horses. Find out what kind of track each horse seems best on (dry, damp, muddy, etc). Study each jockey's win/lose history. Try to find a horse you're going to bet, for instance, on a hard, dry track, and which is being ridden by a jockey with a good win record. He tells me some horses may win well on a dry track when the temperature is up a bit, but not do as well if there's been recent rain and it's cloudy. Each horse and jockey have their strong points. Try to match those strong points to the racing conditions of the day they'll be racing.

    Anyway, even though I don't bet them myself, it did sound like good advice if I were to try it.

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    Sorry for the pessimism, but all "systems" no matter how good they seem at first, eventually go bad. In horse racing, for instance, on any given day, on any given track, any horse in the race has a shot of winning. There are too many variables to consider; even "luck".

    That's why they call it gambling. And remember, it's not how much you win, it's how much profit you made. Play the horses with the attitude that it's entertainment, and if you come out a winner, that's just a bonus. Don't quit your day job!

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    Bet on track 2 at the dogs. if he loses multiply your stake by 1.5 and back the same trap in the next race. Ever heard of a dog from trap 2 (or any other number) not winning in a day. Id guess about 5 races is the most you'll have to wait.

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    This is a great system, to bet horses. Put a $5.00 bet on every horse in the race, and you will win every race.. Just hope that a longshot, 50-1 wins..Have Fun!!

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    stick to football betting only 3 lose or draw

    pick 2 at max 3 odds on teams celtic usually a banker then likes of chelsea manutd arsenal rangers

    a £10 double every weekend is generally a stroll

    never bet at beginning and end of season as teams are either not in groove or could have nothing to play

    good luck

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    Several years ago I ran in to this 'ol black lady (about 90 yrs old) at the dog track. She took the time to explain to me.. If the inside numbers (1 2 3 4 and maybe 5) are hitting in the first few races box inside numbers for the rest of the card. Does not work every time.. but look up old dog results.. Sometimes the inside is hot.. and the outside dogs get "wiped out" on the first turn. I have seen this repeat itself many times in one night.

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    as a race horse groom i see all the same faces at race days, betting people are totally dedicated to this sport you need to know every horse, trainer and jockey inside out!! but i personally think your daft to bet too much to loose

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