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2001 A Space Odyssey - meaning of ending?

I've seen it about 10 times - beautiful film, full of mystery - which is maybe the point, but does anyone have a solid idea about what happens in the transformation scene at the end, where the astronaut seems to become a baby floating in space, the size of a planet - and what does this have to do with the monoliths?

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    The baby in the bubble is supposed to represent the spirit of Dave Bowman in his new role of observer for the makers of the monoliths / guardian angel for humankind. The fact that he is shown as a baby reflects the relative stage of development that mankind has reached compared to the makers of the monoliths.

    I don't think that the baby is supposed to be the size of earth, it is just a lot nearer the camera.

    Although you could watch the film 2010, I would suggest reading the book, there was so much left out of the film.

    The books 2061 and 3001 carry the story further (not got around to reading 3001 myself as it was published after I read the other books).

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    You have to disregard the sequels and take 2001: A Space Odyssey as a stand alone work. I always interpret the end sequence as being related to the scenes where the "apes" are pushed by the Monolith to another stage of evolution. The embryo at the end is symbolic of humanity achieving another level of evolution after once again coming into contact with the Monolith via Bowman. That, of course, is only my interpretation. No doubt others have theirs. I suspect that both Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke did not really have an explanation.

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    Ive always thought that the monoliths and thier creators give a nudge to the evolutuion in the human race, hence the monkeys starting to use weapons for the first time. I believe the baby at the end is just a visual to represent the next step that the creators will 'nudge' us in. Its a great film and i love the space scenes set to classical music. Thats my theory..

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    I think Martin G covered it. In the UK there was a 2 Hour documentary in 2001 on CH4 about the movie. It seems it's supposed to represent the death and rebirth/rebuilding of David Bowman so he can travel through space/dimensions etc., as a messenger for the 'Intelligence'.

    Bowman, as a human, went through a 'Star gate' and travelled many light years.

    As already said the baby was large as it filled the screen and meant to show a similarity with the developing Earth.

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    The man was going into the monolyth wich is a life giving thing. The man appears as a baby to signyfy that new life. Throughout the movie it shows the monolyth in places where humanity is born. The monolyth is a fundamental building block for all things planets stars and humanity.

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    now go and watch the film 2010 that should help.

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    read the books mate, there are several more after 2001. enjoy!

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    Whatever you do, don't watch 2010 its absolutely pants

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