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Does anyone know where any A.K.C. Shiba Inu puppies (for sale) also anyone who has or had any prior experience

with them I would love to chat with u I used to own Akitas for 12 years but now I am trying shibas also any training tips is most appreciated thanxz JMS

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    I LOVE my Shiba Inu. Shibas take a lot of work and patience. I was unprepared for owning one, but after 9 years I am so happy I still own one.... er... I mean she owns me! They can be stubborn, sneaky, agile, smart, really fast runners, cat-like and tend to want to be the alpha dog. But with the right training, they can really bloom. My Shiba Inu Dobi has been featured in Petco ads and on TV and has her own website, MyDarnDog.com.

    Be nice to know where you are located to find you a local respectable breeder, but I can recommend a few...

    http://www.shibas.com -Striving for the Best in Temperament

    http://sundogk9s.50megs.com/ -"Sundog" Shiba Inus

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    There is a National Breeder Directory you could try. http://www.shibas.org

    Sorry, Can't help with any information or tips as I have never actually owned one.

    Good Luck!

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    go to petfinders.com.....this is a site for rescue groups.....just enter your Zip code, and be AMAZED at how many great choices you have !!......i adopted a Great Pyrenees mix from them, and my dog Sylvester is awesome !!.....check it out.....try it.....do a good deed.....adopt a Shiba Inu puppy today !!!.....good luck to you, in your search for a Shiba Inu puppy as a new pet !!!!

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    this site has breed contacts on the left.


    this site has a variety of things you would be interested in as an owner of this breed.

    good luck.

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