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How would you solve the immigration issue??


First of all let me clarify the situation for those that only speak from what they hear on the TV. Illegals as many call them (Its funny how we don't even call murderers, child abusers illegal but we call those that cross into the US --Misdemeanor-- Illegal), do contribute a lot into the economy. Most end up paying taxes in many forms, sales tax, many illegals own homes and pay property taxes, those that make up social security numbers or use others SSN pay taxes that they never file to get refunds. Those that buy homes will fix the borrowed SSN's credit by paying off their collections and raising their credit scores so they can by homes. By working for cheap they help reduce the price of many items that we Americans use every day. You ***** about $3/gallon gas, how about $3 cabbage, $7/lb tomatoes, how about Motel 6 raising their price to $60 a night instead of $37. The fact is working Americans are getting old and many jobs are being left open. We need new young workers.

Update 2:

Illegals put money into SS so the older americans can have health care.

Illegals don't use the health care system as many people claim. I know many that are too scared to go to the hospital or use any public aid. They will visit clinincs and pay cash or got to Catholic charities health centers and pay cash as well. The fact is that Americans themselves are draining the health care system not illegals.

I would stop deportations and raids now!!

give a period of 6-12 months were evey illegal would have to register. Those that don't would face fines or late fees to registered upto 30 days after the grace period. Have all of them go through background checks. Those that are cleared if the can prove they have been here 7+ years and have a family would be given citizenship. 3-6 yrs given residency. Less than 3 given a work permit and have to re-apply to get it again. Guest worker program as many illegals just come to work for a few months and return. Not everyone likes it here.deport criminal

Update 3:

Your argument is destroyed by the fact that Illegals pay sales tax. How can you say my ideas are not valid I work in the real estate business and I have seen how its done. The banking business is just as corrupt as this government. Banks overlook immigration status, as well as the state, and title companies. The argument is always, I am not INS so I cannot verify the immigration status so its none of my business. Here in Chicago i have met and seen hundreds of illegals owning homes. I have seen how they build up american's credit so they can be used. There has been cases where the US Citizen has met with the illegal and thanked them for fixing their credit. They don't report the fraud because it benefits them. Most of those public aid you have to provide a valid id and Section aid is dominated by whites and blacks. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY SAY THEY DON'T PAY TAXES. That is just the stupidest load of bullshit I've heard. Ask your congressman dammit. Do some research.

Update 4:

I didn't say I did it numb nuts, I said I've seen peopl and know of people that have done it. I was at a closing last week where some illegal Polish immigrant sold a property to a recently naturalized mexican. And its the white people who mainly profit and use the illegals to sell them houses with high intrest rates. I did not say illegals did not use any health care, but the vast huge majority is americans. Old *** farts that have us pay for all their medical bills. Whats next are you going to give the death penalty to senior citizens because they use health care??? If illegal immigration was really a problem the US would have done something about it many years ago. Just because the immigrants want rights and better pay now the whites in the country have a problem with it. Wake up people! The government is playing you for sukkas. Those politicians that claim they are against them hire them as nannies, maids, etc... I was a Republican but **** them hyppocrates. I'm voting Democrat.

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    Immigration is not the issue, Illegal immigration is. I think by directing all illegal aliens to report to a customs station and apply for re-entry would be a start. Warn those who fail to do so that they will be found and prosecuted. Those who apply for re-entry will be given a mulligan for their illegal former status. After the grace period to report to customs, no person that remains illegally will be given the opportunity to re-enter the US.

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    I've done quite a bit of research. They do not ALL pay taxes. Also, the reason all countries limit the number of poor people who can immigrate is because poor people, even if they pay ALL taxes don't pay nearly the amount they take out in education, health care and other services. Each one is a net financial loss, and the burden falls where we can least afford to have it fall, on our schools, hospitals and services for our poor and elderly.

    When you multiply that loss by 12 to 20 million people it is a huge number. It is also not spread across the country but felt disproportionately in areas where illegals concentrate. Los Angeles schools which 30 years ago were among the best in the nation are now almost the worst in the nation, despite more spending per pupil on each student than in most areas. ESL is very expensive and further drains resources from the other children. It is one thing to accommodate those legally here. It is another to say that the better life of those who broke the law to come here and their children should be subsidized at the expense of our own children's better life.

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    Immigrants who enter legally are not permitted to receive public assistance(BTW illegal immigrants ain't entitled to welfare either)

    They are usually young and will contribute more to the public coffer than draw from it;This helps both Social Services and the medical system.

    As workforce, they are mobile geographically and versatile,adaptable occupationally,and we all know there are gaps to fill.The native workforce is growing very slowly.They are no threat to the American economy,on the contrary ,see the latest amnesty:facts and figures.Legal immigration is highly beneficial.And above all,it's controllable.

    America is not an overpopulated country.

    Mexico doesn't want "Aztlan"back,that's crap.

    Massive deportations would be counterproductive to the United States.If you don't buy into these new, fabricated statistics(not so plausible if you got some brains of your own) and check the old "neutral'facts reports and figures,you will see what I'm talking about.Legal immigration is beneficial.So make it legal,'aliens' have no alternative this very moment.

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    Okay first of all we can all see that you had to get something off you chest and they should have made you use more than 5 points to say all that load of crap. You are obviously bias and you have no concept of real true illegal immigrations situations. You believe what you hear and not what you have researched! First to answer your question I would implement some serious ways to catch those who are illegal and send them on there way! You really pissed me off with the social security card thih you think its okay to take someones social security card and make it their own you think it would be fine if your mother died and some illegal *** dude is using your mom social to live a life that is not his own, If I ever found out someone was using my stuff she better hope she gets deported first before I find her. And another thing I dont mind Hispanics, polish, african, Indian, asian or whomever else comes her, i done mind them being here It makes america more cultural easier to learn about other countries it when your here illegally that i dont like. Another thing our schools are too full our teachers are overworkered and some of OUR teachers cant get jobs because they are not bi-lingual I would also make English the primary language and that would cut out a lot of this non sense right there if you cant speak english then you cant attend school or you do attend school and you fail its up to you! Thats enough this is makin me over heated!

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    If businesses wish illegals running for them then immigration legislation have to be extra bendy to permit immigrant to come back in for paintings however this may increasingly inspire extra unlawful immigration except you place more difficult punishments on employers for hiring illegals, which incidentally is a CRIME TOO. Also humans who've been right here for fairly a while and haven't any crook list will have to get an amnesty however they so much pay fines...

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    Pull all of the troops and money out of the middle east (including Israel) and use them to create a 50 mile deep no-man's land into Mexico ( like the Israelis did in Lebanon). I'd give all illegals a week to vacate. Only children born of citizens would be automatically American (retro-active for illegals). Those who hire illegals would do mandatory time. Those who transport illegals, or falsify documents for them would do even more mandatory time.

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    True summary of illegal activity from long term illegal immigrants

    Here is a true summary of illegal activity from long term illegals, and as you can see it's not just about sneaking across the border, and it's not just careless breaking of the law.

    1. Illegal entry into the United States - Misdemeanor - deportable offense.

    2. Failure to register as a foreign national - misdemeanor - deportable offense.

    3. Fraudulently applying for a state driver's license with counterfeit ID - misdemeanor

    4. Applying for work or working in the United States without a work visa - Misdemeanor - Deportable Offense.

    5. Fraudulently operating an unregistered business under a false name - misdemeanor - Deportable Offense

    6. Fraudulently applying for and accepting welfare using counterfeit ID - Felony - Jail Time- Deportation

    7. Fraudulently applying for and accepting food stamps using counterfeit ID - Felony - Jail Time - Deportation

    8. Fraudulently applying for and accepting mother's assistance using counterfeit ID - Felony - Jail Time - Deportation.

    9. Fraudulently applying for work using counterfeit or stolen Social Security Number - Felony (Perjury)- Deportation

    10. Fraudulently claiming excessive deductions for Federal Income Taxes to avoid paying any taxes - Felony - Jail Time - Deportation

    11. Registering to vote in states with Motor Voter programs and voting without being a US Citizen - Felony (Perjury)- Deportation

    12. Buying counterfeit auto license tabs instead of paying the sate - Misdemeanor

    13. Buying phony auto insurance from Mexican operatives so automobile with counterfeit tabs can be registered - Misdemeanor

    14. Claiming poverty in a household with high income (for you less than informed - illegal households can easily make as much $100,000 a year tax free) so children can apply for free lunches at school - misdemeanor

    15. Claiming poverty to get free medical care from free clinics - Felony - Fraud (hundreds in LA alone) and using first class hospital emergency rooms as family doctors for non-emergency medical - ALL ILLEGALS HAVE 100% MEDICAL COVERAGE AT NO COST TO THEM - PERIOD - Misdemeanor - Deportation.

    16. Traffic citations and accidents - Illegals have no real name or address - if they are get a citation or are involved in an accident - they just disappear and surface again with a new counterfeit license and address- and good luck with your insurance company - misdemeanor - Deportation

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    actually i dont know where u got your ideas from but illegals dont pay taxes and the do run social services in the ground the use wic, foodstamps, medicaid, section 8 and everything else they can get for free

    i think if your an ilegal and dont try to get citizenship go back from where you are from and if you can learn our language you should do the same

    i dont think its right for people to use the US as a scape-goat and they want to live here and sit on their happy ***es and then complain about everything

    and you complain about prices of goods and they keep the prices lower, and then other americans try to provide for their family and cant get by because they get pay less at work because some foreign person gets cheaper labor and is happy but they are the one that uses the US to get other free services, they can go to the social services office and dont even have to be a citizen to get benefits. thats not right to others that bust there butts everyday and cant aftord to put food on the table

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    Follow the example of Europe and create a truly American nation by incorporating all the countries into one. That way there will be an equitable interchange of labour, resources and knowledge.

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    Oh ok, they pay sales tax. What about INCOME tax?

    And as far as them owning homes??? That even makes me more mad, as hard as it was for my family and other LEGAL citizens to buy homes. I think you should be reported for selling homes to illegals!!

    When they start paying income taxes like I have to and when they have to follow all guidelines with buying homes, getting credit, etc. LIKE I DO-then come to me with this crap.

    Do some research yourself and you will find out that they DO use health care, wic, food stamps, etc. If they can get away with purchasing a home with no legal ID, what makes you think that others don't apply for benefits? You are ignorant and supporting any illegal action makes you against the US. You should be reporting what you know instead of supporting it. But no, it supplements YOUR income to sell homes to whoever, so who cares if its legal or who else it hurts!

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