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(spill out) (slam on) (jump out) (get out) (armored truck)以上英文不懂中文意思~如有懂的大大幫我解答~這是我妹的作業~謝謝^^

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  • 1 decade ago
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    (spill out)


    例句:Crowds from the theater were spilling out the street.人群從戲院湧到了街上

    (spill out=spill into=spill onto)

    (slam on)


    例句:Henry slammed the phone down and walked angrily out of the room. 亨利摔下電話筒,怒氣沖沖的走出了房間 (slam on=slam down)

    (jump out)

    解釋一::向下地(jump out=jump down)

    例句:Three people saved themselves by jumping from the window. 三人從窗戶跳下得以撿回性命

    解釋二:快速移動 (jump out=jump away=jump up)

    例句:Matt jumped up to fetch the TV guide. 馬特突然起身去取電視節目指南

    (get out)


    例句:If the news gets out, there'll be trouble. 如果消息洩漏出去,就會有麻煩。


    例句:Will they get out the book? 他們會出版此書嗎?

    (armored truck)  



    Source(s): 朗文字典
  • 怡秀
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    1 decade ago

    spill out----說出

    slam on----關上

    jump out----跳出

    get out----出去

    armored truck----裝甲的卡車

    Source(s): 翻譯網
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