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    在位時間 --------------------------------備註PacatianusTiberius Claudius Marinus Pacatianus是羅馬帝國的多瑙河 地區的篡位者, 在菲利普時期西元248年篡位他是從硬幣,Zosimus和Zonaras為人所知他是許多的多瑙河軍隊中的官員之一帕卡提亞努斯的叛變中 在敘利亞的Iotapianus招喚 菲利普一起叛變但Decius (他有望很快超越菲利普)正確地預言帕卡提亞努斯將被自己人很快的殺害PacatianusTiberius Claudius Marinus Pacatianus was an usurper in the Danube area of the Roman Empire during the time of Philip the Arab, ca. 248 AD.He is known from coins, and from mentions in Zosimus and Zonaras, who say that he was an officer in one of the Danube legions. The revolts of Pacatianus and Iotapianus in Syria prompted Philip to offer to step down, but Decius (who would soon succeed Philip), correctly predicted that Pacatianus would soon be killed by his own men.


    Die Vorderseite dieses Antoninian feiert Pacatianus als unbesiegt, während die Rückseite den 1001. Geburtstag Roms zum Inhalt hat.248年Pacatianus帕卡提亞努斯 自立為帝,被士兵殺死

    Source(s): 美國唸書的我&網路
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