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太子 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


There are not straight flights from Shanghai to Taipei. It must be pass though Hong Kong or Macao. Hong Kong hotel price is more expensive, and Shanghai's is about 200~300dollars. Taiwan's is about 120 dollars. If you want to order Shanghai's hotel, I can entrust my friend to order, or you can request the person who you want to visit to order. Welcome to see our factory. We are ok on 4 or 5/12.

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    1.Lack dollar expression, ex. NT,USD or RMB.

    2.What is you are ok on 4 or 5/12? Ambiguous meaning will mislead your customers.

    3.Grammar issue

    Please take care.

    The below is for your reference.

    Direct flights between Taiwan and China are not available. Passengers should tranfer Hong Kong or Macau into China. The price of HK hotel is higher than that of Shanghi, about 200~300 dollars, and that of Taiwan, about 120 dollars. You can request who you will visit or me to reserve Shanghi hotel beds. Welcome to visit our factory on April 12th or May 12th.

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    是pass through 不是 pass though

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    基本上是看的懂 但如果改成下列的句行 會更好理解:

    There are no direct flights from Shanghai to Taipei. You must pass though either Hong Kong or Macao. The Hotel prices in Hong Kong are more expensive, and Shanghai's are around 200~300 dollars (請記得講是什麼幣制的 e.g.美金, 港幣). Taiwan's hotel prices are around about 120 dollars. If you want to make a booking for a hotel in Shanghai, I can entrust my friend to book for you, or you can ask the person who you want to visit to obook for you. You are welcome to visit our factory. We are okay on 4 or 5/12.(此地是指 12 月四五號嗎 ? 是的話 改成 We are okay on the 4th or the 5th of December)

    希望有幫到你 ^^v

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